Six of One do not allow free speech.

The TV Series "The Prisoner" has many themes. Perhaps the most obvious and important of these is "freedom of the individual". One man's struggle against an oppressive regime.

You would think that the Society supposedly dedicated to appreciating these themes would recognise this. However, several members of the Society have been refused continuing membership simply because they dared to exercise their right to free speech, and free thought.

At both time of going to press and in 2023 this policy is still in place, with regular visitors to Six of One's Facebook page having any 'negative' or questioning comments deleted without trace..

A magazine of Six of One produced once the immoral coordination team were in place included the following statement:

So you are not allowed a negative opinion (however constructive, and regardless of the justness) of any kind regarding the Society you pay money to be a member of? Outrageous!

As early as 2002, David Mackenzie entered into some correspondence with the coordination team of Six of One. This is what they told him:

"Six of One's coordinating team has been informed about your frequent negative Internet of your comments was passed to us that "the work-in was due to be held in a brewery, but the co-ords couldn't think of a suitable event to hold there"..........Your interests obviously lie in a different direction from those of the team and the society.........This letter is to inform you that the team will not be prepared to renew your membership in the society when it expires in August."

Letter from co-ordination team to David MacKenzie, 20/05/2002

"You have not been expelled or excluded from the society. The team recognise that your subscription continues until the next mailing, in August. After that, you will not be invited to renew your subscription and your membership of Six of One will expire at that time."

Letter from co-ordination team to David MacKenzie, 31/05/2002

If any reader can explain how "you will not be invited to renew" doesn't mean "you have not been excluded", please explain!

In mid 2004, David sought to find out more about the Society's apparent meetings concerning himself and so contacted the Society coordination team and the DPA. Click HERE to read the fascinating account of what happened.

In October 2004 a member of David's family was denied membership to Six of One - click HERE to read this latest outrage!

You can read the full transcripts of David's 2002 letters with Six of One by clicking HERE.


A year later, long-term member Helen W received similar correspondence, and was also "not invited to renew" (IE thrown out).

"We are now informed that you have continued to make adverse Internet comments regarding the society and its coordination. The team has again discussed matters and feels that things have gone too far.......Therefore the team has decided that it would be inappropriate to offer you the option of renewing your society subscription when it becomes due in a week's time."

Letter from co-ordination team to Helen W

Prior to this, Helen was told who she could socialise with, ordered to be "silent or supportive" and received a threatening phone-call.


Active member Erica Whittle also received such a communication (Erica was also accused of theft by a coordinator):

".........for some time now negative comments concerning Six of One have been made on the Internet by "Alice Clar" and that named person's website was created by "Erica Whittle"...........I have also returned your cheque for £20 submitted for membership. If you intend to return this to us for a year's subscription, will you please write to Box 66 confirming that you and Giles are going to be supportive of the new organisation within Six of One and are not going to create difficulties or dissent with regard to the coordinating team."

Letter from Karen Langley to Erica Whittle.

Allan Young was also ousted from the Society simply for requesting some evidence that members subscription money was being used in a proper way. Six of One confirmed this in a February 2005 statement:

"We did not accept a renewal from him 3 years ago, after he claimed that his subscription money was being misapplied. We invited him to withdraw the allegation, to remain a member, but he obviously saw setting up a negative website as more appealing." Six of One Statement 28/2/2005

In this 2005 statement they also declared long-standing members as "not important", and confirmed that the secret taping took place and was supported by the entire coordination team.

It seems clear from these examples that Six of One do not allow members to express their honest opinions. They treat people as if Prisoner "appreciation" is by invitation only. Elitism? The coordinators would have made ideal Village operatives in the Series.

In March 2004 this website received a communication from it's host, detailing a demand from Six of One that this website be shut down. Click HERE to read more about this.

In April 2004, coordinator Rob Beale confirmed that he had removed links to The Unmutual website, obviously wanting to suppress news of the DeAgostini magazine and other items which Six of One refuse to tell their membership about.

Even a Six of One supporter on the newsgroup (a lively and friendly online forum for discussing all things Prisoner) confirmed that this appeared to be a policy of the Society:

"I use a false name because Six of One do not approve of their members posting on this group."

Statement by Six of One member "Iron Filings",, 2/04/2003

As of February 2023 the terms and conditions of being a member of Six of One are the same as the examples outlined above, and the situation has not changed.

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