Coordinator makes threatening phone-call to female member.

In 2003, long-standing Six of One member Helen W received a threatening telephone call from a public telephone box from Society coordinator Max Hora (the same Max Hora who secretly tape-recorded magazine editor Dave Healey in his own home).

Helen had recently been posting on the newsgroup on the internet regarding interesting information concerning a proposed event at the forthcoming March 2003 Convention. She had also posted up correspondence she had received from Six of One regarding her local Prisoner meetings (click HERE to read that story).

She was told by Max, speaking on behalf of the coordination team in this phone call, that there would be "consequences" if she did not apologise immediately for posting these facts to interested parties on the internet. Naturally, Helen was not amused by this threat, as she told the newsgroup after it happened:

"I dialed 1471 after Max phoned as I was worried he might have been lurking round the corner (like in March 1995 when he turned up at my house unannounced with a "thank-you for the Christmas card" card). 1471 told me he had called from a payphone - thankfully not round the corner."

Statement by Helen W at, 07/02/2003.

Max Hora has never apologised for this threatening phone call, or the secret taping incident, and remains a coordinator of Six of One. As of July 2016 no apology has been made and Max Hora remains a coordinator of the Society. Helen was ejected from the Society.

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