Coordinator accuses event organiser of theft

Erica Whittle was a valuable member of Six of One. Having been a regular letter and article contributor to the magazine for several years, Erica took on more work when she agreed to co-organise a work-in event in 2001. There had been problems during her membership, however, as Erica Whittle told the newsgroup:

"Early in the year, I went to the Birmingham work-in and realised that I hadn't renewed my subscription. I gave my subs to Dave Healey and asked if he would pass it on to Roger at the next committee meeting. Dave said this would be fine - I should pick up a copy of that issue of "In the Village" and he'd tell Roger to renew me for three future issues. The next work-in was in Brighton - I'd actually booked this venue myself, but was out of the room when the role call for collecting packages was called. I thought my package would appear though the post in a few days, but it didn't.............I followed it up and discovered that I had never actually been registered as a member for that year. My money/renewal had become lost."

Alice Clar (Erica Whittle),, 21/03/2003

With any large organisation, it is reasonable to suggest that mistakes might occur. Usually, they are cleared up without any fuss. Erica continues:

"I wanted to send my renewal payment again, but by that point I read that Roger had begun returning cheques so I waited until renewals were being accepted once more. I sent a letter with the cheque (nothing negative in it, mind you) but my cheque was returned with the following unsigned letter."

Alice Clar (Erica Whittle),, 21/03/2003

Imagine Erica's (and her fiance, Giles') surprise:

"I can confirm that no money for you was received.............Since there are other members of your family still currently
in Six of One, you would have queried the situation with us before now, knowing that they were still receiving items. Also, you hired the venue for the July 01 work-in at Brighton. You must have noticed at that work-in that there was no label or envelope
for yourself or Giles. In fact, Giles' own subscription had expired after October 00, so in fact neither of you were members and yet attended work-ins and took mailings."

Letter from Karen Langley to Erica Whittle, 2002.

Rather than try and sort out what was obviously a simple misunderstanding, Langley continued:

"In addition, for some time now negative comments concerning Six of One have been made on the lnternet by "Alice Clar" and that named person's website was created by "Erica Whittle". Therefore you have been involved in such comments and did not choose to query at any time membership status.............. The team do not want some questions answered..........Can I therefore please have your comments on the above...........I have also returned your cheque for £20 submitted for membership."

Letter from Karen Langley to Erica Whittle, 2002.

The team do not want some questions answered? Another example of how members are denied free speech or a right-to-reply. Organisations of course often have payments lost in the system. The usual approach is to try and sort out the problem - not accuse event-organisers and their partners of theft!

As Erica has confirmed, she had paid her subscription fee directly and was thus entitled to these mailings. At no point does Langley offer any proof that mailings were taken by Giles. Erica sent a further letter to Six of One to clarify:

"At no time did Giles take any magazines from a work in, as he had mine to read. Giles attended as my guest as at that point in time there were no restrictions on guests and relatives attending work-ins - a situation I gather you have put a stop to recently...........Next came the July work-in which, as you say, I organised myself. If I had not believed myself to be a member, why would I have done this? Indeed, if there was no record of me being a member, why would I be allowed to do this?..........As for the comments on the internet, I am not sure what these negative comments are that I am supposed to have written as mentioned in your letter and alluded to in the yellow document. As you have not quoted anything specific in either case, I can not rectify the mistakes I may have I read your letter to me all I could see was you were calling me a thief and a liar..........I have enjoyed my 5 years in Six of One, but alas it is no longer to be."

Letter from Erica Whittle to Six of One, 2003.

Erica received no further communication from Langley. Whilst Erica has conducted herself with great dignity throughout this affair, Six of One have again resorted to lies and accusations, practically forcing out of the Society a much liked and respected member, simply for having independent views. Free speech is not allowed within Six of One.

As of July 2016, Roger and Karen Langley are still at the helm of Six of One.

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