Six of One refer to long-standing members as "not important".

The contempt with which the coordination team of Six of One views ordinary Prisoner fans was yet again highlighted in February 2005, when (after several individuals, including a current member of the Society, raised issues regarding the Society on a Yahoo-based Prisoner forum) Six of One issued a statement. These coordinators are still in place as of 2016 and they still hold the same views espoused in their statement.

One of the individuals mentioned above was a fully paid-up member of Six of One for 15 years and, during his membership, never criticised the Society or any of the individual coordinators. This is how Six of One described him in this statement:

"He never did anything (or not that anyone can remember) in Six of One. To hear him now you would think he had been important.". Six of One Statement 28/2/2005

This statement is nothing less than astounding. The "rank and file" members, 95% of whom pay their subscriptions and don't run events, are very important - without them and their money the Society would not exist and they are the very people the Society coordination team should be working for.

This February 2005 statement contained several statements worthy of mention on this website, and prove that the coordination team of the Society are behaving in just as despicable a fashion as they were back in 2001 when members first started leaving the Society in disgust.

The statement confirmed that the secret taping took place, confirmed that members are sometimes ousted from the Society if they ask awkward questions, and confirmed that some news items are deliberately not given to their members.

The statement was borne out of an argument which sprung up when Six of One joined the Yahoo-based forum to advertise their 2005 Convention. When a regular poster pointed out to them that their claims that Peter Wyngarde would be a guest, and that the venue's accommodation had been sold out, were incorrect, they replied "the above statement is false". Interesting that 2 weeks later their own website confirmed that Peter Wyngarde would not, in fact, be attending and that, in fact, accommodation had not sold out.

The events on this forum later took another twist when Six of One coordinator Rob Beale was kicked off of the group by its moderator when he pretended to be someone else with the sole purpose of deceiving fandom. Click HERE for more on this.

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