Six of One deliberately hiding news of official merchandise.

You would think that a Society dedicated to "appreciating" a 53-year-old TV series would be delighted if new merchandise became available. Not Six of One.

In the last few years, several books and other merchandise items have become available, most of which are officially sanctioned by Carlton/Granada/ITV (the copyright holders).

Six of One's coordinators response has been simply to ignore these items completely on their websites (or give them only a 1 line mention in the magazine, whilst still filling up entire pages with pointless articles about themselves). This is in direct contradiction of the following statement found on one of the Society's websites, run by US coordinator Bruce Clark:

"And for all the details on all of the latest Prisoner news and products, (not just the bits and pieces mentioned here) join us"

In 2023 this is occurring more than ever, with almost every official outlet for "Prisoner Appreciation" ignored by Six of One. If you visit their website, you will see no mention at all of any official events (such as BFI screenings, London Mind Mash events, etc), no mention of the official DVDs and CDs (produced by NETWORK - apart from on one occasion where Roger Langley attacked Network's official 50th anniversary event in his self-published McGoohan biography book) , or anything else unconnected with themselves, no matter how official it is.

One of their websites also has the gall to claim:

Yet missing from the list is 'George Markstein and The Prisoner', edited by Six of One co-founder Roger Goodman and including a section by Six of One co-founder and coordinator Dave Barrie.

Why should it be missing? Along with many other books, it must be said.

Another such example is the February 2015 release of "Red Reflections", a TV documentary produced by Prisoner Music Editor Eric Mival in 1966, which Patrick McGoohan himself helped with by providing a voiceover for one scene (more details on this release HERE). The producers of the DVD TWICE posted news of the release on Six of One's Facebook page, and twice it was deleted without comments1.

Six of One are therefore deliberately witholding information from their members about projects which had Prisoner crew members and Patrick McGoohan's involvement. Do you want to fund and support an organisation that would do this?

But why would they ignore new merchandise? Because the people responsible for the items have left the Society and produced their items independently of it. Six of One are denying their own membership information about these items purely because the individuals who have produced this merchandise are not part of Six of One.

This has been happening constantly since the current coordination team too charge. It began in 2003 and 2004. In 2004, deagostini, in conjunction with Granada Ventures, launched a new colour magazine and DVD partwork. Six of One originally ignored this exciting news, and then went on to attempt to discredit it! Click HERE to find out more on this. This isn't the first item they have ignored, however;

In 2003, native New Yorker Catherine Frumerman published the superb "On the Trail of The Prisoner". Sold worldwide and officially sanctioned by Carlton, the book is currently The Prisoner Shop's best seller (sales have recently gone over the 2000 mark). BBC Wales also reported on the book signing there. A book of this kind had never been attempted before, yet it has been ignored by Six of One despite (at the time of its writing) the author being a fully paid-up member of the Society.

The undoubtable reason Six of One has decided to ignore this wonderful publication is that it is published by PrizBiz, a website and publishing company run by ex-coordinator Roger Goodman, who has been fairly vocal in his views about Roger Langley's running of the Society.

In February 2005, a statement issued by the Society (which also confirmed the secret taping, confirmed that people are ousted from the Society if they speak against it, and declared long-standing members as "not important") confirmed that their ignoring of the book was deliberate:

"........[On The Trail] is part of our ongoing books review and the compiler of it chose to leave Six of One after publication and put a non-society address in her book. It was her choice not to support the society...." Six of One Statement 28/2/2005

It is worth repeating that Six of One are mentioned in the first paragraph of the book, the author was a Six of One member for a full year after publishing, and the "non-society" address mentioned is the book's publisher!

Roger Goodman (along with ex-"Number Six" editor, Howard Foy) is one of only 2 UK Prisoner fans to have officially interviewed Patrick McGoohan. Roger's CD of this interview is also widely ignored by Six of One. This is particularly shocking when you bear in mind that several Langley-produced items are stocked by PrizBiz.

Cathy Frumerman kindly wrote to us to tell us more (you can read Cathy's comments in full HERE):

"To show how 601 will ignore a story to spite its face, I was (as your site mentions) a 601 member at the time of the book's launch. I even sent them (again) the link to my site on which there is a story from a Welsh paper that cites me as a member. You would think they'd use the association to their own advantage. Obviously, the book was a hit and is still selling strong. Bottom line, though 601 is ignoring me (and Roger Goodman's CD) it didn't hurt sales one bit. Perhaps it even helped not being associated with 601?"

There are also other examples of Prisoner merchandise being practically ignored by Six of One such as Prisoner Official calendars - officially sanctioned by Carlton, and produced by Slow Dazzle. Practically ignored by Six of One because its co-creators Jaz Wiseman (who was also smeared in Langley's yellow document) and Rob Fairclough (who wrote Carlton's official Prisoner companion) have included a link to PrizBiz (and not Six of One) on the back of the item, and both attended Prisoner Day 2003 (officially sanctioned event with no Six of One involvement).

More items (including "The Danger Man Companion" and "The Prisoner Scripts" by Rob Fairclough, a series of Prisoner novels, the first by Jon Blum and Rupert Booth and a latter by Andrew Cartmel (more info HERE), a Patrick McGoohan biography by Rupert Booth with input from McGoohan's close friends), and an officially sanctioned Prisoner quiz book by Leslie Glen were released in recent years. These items had been known about for many months, yet Six of One still chose only to barely mention this (and not at all in some cases) on their apparently "updated daily" websites or to their members (apart from a smalll mention of the novel on one of their websites when they realised a vist to Portmeirion by the author during their convention would mean they could cash in on the book's publicity, and a small mention of "The Prisoner: The Original Scripts", and only then when they insisted on being sent a free copy).

Network DVD have for a number of years been releasing the official media output of The Prisoner (DVDs, CDs, etc) owned by the copyright holdres. As of February 2016 no promotion of these items exist on any Six of One website because again they were not involved in their production.

This is also true of official events. In 2013 the British Film Institute held a highly successful Patrick McGoohan season, which included a Prisoner evening with special guests and special footage screened. Six of One did not mention this on a single one of their webpages and chose to completely ignore the events for the simple reason that they were not involved in organising them. The event was promoted and aided by The Unmutual website.

In addition to ignoring these items themselves, the Society appears to be deliberately ensuring that genuine Prisoner fans don't become aware of these items by *any* means. Coordinator Rob Beale confirmed this tactic in an email to an ex-member of the Society:

"While I was there [Portmeirion} I had a look at the pc in the Prisoner shop and as expected, the unmutual sites [sic] were in the favourites folder. Naturally I deleted them and added all the 6o1 sites."Rob Beale

Many of the items featured on this page can be purchased by visiting the The Unmutual website.

As for Six of One's own merchandise, the only things they have sold (for profit - totally against their non-profit making remit) in the last few years is a bootleg DVD.

Even in 2023 despite a large amount of official websites on the internet, the only ones mentioned on Six of One's pages are their own websites and that of Portmeiron, implying that these are the only "official" ones.

In a recent Society magazine, Six of One admitted that they do not cover Prisoner items, however official, unless they were personally involved, or had been sent "freebies":

Not content with just ignoring events, Six of One in October 2005 even tried a new tactic - attacking an event raising money for terminally-ill children! Click HERE for more on this.

Even in 2023 the Society still ignores merchandise unless they or their coordination team has had personal involvement.

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This page updated Feb 2023

1 One year later, only after insistence that it should be included, one post was placed/allowed on the facebook page.