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As has been mentioned throughout this website (click HERE to return to the main page), many people have been put off of joining or remaining with Six of One due to the Society's immoral activities. This page is dedicated to the views of those who have either contacted this website directly or have posted their views on the newsgroup regarding the actions of the Society (who do not allow their members to display free speech). This page can only increase in size as time goes by, and readership of this website grows.

If you would like to give your view of the Society (or would like your views removed from this page), contact can be made at

" giving them your money you are supporting the covert taping of individuals in their own home and supporting their character assassination! Ask yourself: are you a fan of The Prisoner, or of the Village?"

Ronnie Soo, Webmaster of "The Penny Farthing", Liverpool, UK

"Six of One was once a very fine organisation which I was proud to be part of - it is now a morally bankrupt embarrassment to fandom."

Peter Dunn, Warwick, UK

"............saddened that a once respected society has so devalued itself on the world stage that it is no longer a valid forum for those who appreciate the ideas and ideals put forward in The Prisoner - quite the reverse in fact!"

Dave Healey, Editor "In The Village", Midlands, UK

"At one time I had considered joining Six of One.............Considering the fact that the actions of the current coordinators of 6of1 are in direct violation of what one of my favorite shows stood for I could not in good conscience join."

Michele Wilson, Chicago, USA

"This would be unacceptable behaviour in any organisation, but the fact that a society devoted to "The Prisoner" is indulging in such activities is particularly galling and ironic."

Dave Jones, Midlands, UK

"I was more appalled by this the second time I read it. The covert taping especially........... You can count me among the people who are glad they never joined."

Pet Serrano, webmaster of "Colony 3", USA

"Interesting stuff on Six of One. I joined a couple of years ago and can only agree with your comments that the magazine they send out is really poor. There's not much of interest in it and alot of filler. I didnt renew my membership."

Geoff Kent, UK

"Until I came across this, via, I had no idea just how 'corrupt' the 6o1 Society really was, and it also highlighted some of the niggling doubts I've had over the years I've been a member/victim/inmate. I'll admit I joined purely on the basis that they were the 'official' Appreciation Society, and having no knowledge of their workings. Considering the idea's and beliefs that PMcG promoted in his brilliant series, I find it disappointing that this Society doesn't seem to be able to follow them. Rest assured, come renewal time I'll be putting my money to better use."

P.C. Bradford, UK

"Roger Langley, Karen Langley and Max Hora have totally destroyed the friendliness and legitimacy of the society. Shame on them."

Frank Shailes, Somerset, UK

"And thanks you for this honest assessment of the Six Of One group! You know what's funny I was actually thinking of re-joining the club and then I somehow happened to hook up with the site and of course decided against it...........Clark cares about one thing membership! He's the one who makes the badges etc (the company he owns or works for I can't remember). Once you join he has no time for you.....So thanks for shedding the light! I was looking at the list of people that "Resigned" and man there are some heavy hitters."

Jeff Nussbaum, PA, USA

"That they continually update their "Society [sic] Details" to counter any criticism levied against them (referring generically to "non-Six of One websites" or "newsgroups") exposes their arrogance and total lack of appreciation for their own members intelligence. They are an embarrassment to fandom."

David MacKenzie, Scotland, UK

"Just want to say great site! Pity, really, that there's a need for it. I also want to say thank you very much for the prominent placement of both On The Trails (book and CD) on your page about non-601 materials being ignored.
I was a major ITV booster (not 601-booster, since I'm in the US, so I didn't go to any event, except one Lallyfest in London and the March 2001 Con -- near the end) when I first joined. I thought the mag was really well done. In fact, I got four people to subscribe (the photos! the interviews! I raved).
When On The Trail Of The Prisoner appeared 601 were as informed as anyone about it. [Roger Goodman even gave a copy to Dave Barrie.] The Unmutual immediately gave it space, and the PennyFarthing, too. Rob Fairclough gave it a rave review in Action TV. And later, in time for the Portmeirion launch, the BBC (On-line, Radio -- nationally in Wales, and also, I understand in S.W. England and other points, and Television), and the Welsh press (including Cambria magazine, "the national magazine of Wales", which is also the in flight magazine distributed on the Welsh airline. Cambria is sold in Portmeirion.). Other coverage and reviews followed. And we're not done yet!
To show how 601 will ignore a story to spite its face, I was (as your site mentions) a 601 member at the time of the book's launch. I even sent them (again) the link to my site on which there is a story from a Welsh paper that cites me as a member. You would think they'd use the association to their own advantage. Obviously, the book was a hit and is still selling strong. Bottom line, though 601 is ignoring me (and Roger Goodman's CD) it didn't hurt sales one bit. Perhaps it even helped not being associated with 601?"

Cathy Frumerman, Author "On the Trail of the Prisoner", New York, USA

"I was a member of Six of One almost continuously for more than 20 years, having originally joined in 1982. I have always tried to maintain a neutral position when there has been internal conflicts and rifts between co-ordinators, and I have always preferred to go by my own experience and make my mind up independently, rather than be persuaded by anyone else. Yet I realise now that. I, along with many others, have been taken in by Roger Langley, who has been misusing his skills and intelligence to mislead, manipulate and take over Six of One, getting rid of anyone who challenges him or stands in his way. I'm no longer a member of Six of One and am unwilling to give any support or recognition to the society so long as Roger Langley remains in power."

Merlina, Wilts, UK

"Your website has well and truly put me off anything connected to 601. Saved me a bit of money!"

Nick Stark, UK

"Thankfully, new media has taken away the power of a petty fiefdom that seeks to lord over and police a fandom. High quality, official materials are readily available, as well as the prodigious, unstoppable flow of fan-produced, independent content. I'm glad to see my instincts regarding the club are confirmed and that Six of One is now well-known as the cult-like mess it always was!"

Bettsy Manning, USA

"Six of One was great for forging friendships. I am ashamed now to even utter the name of such a shower."

Darren Stokes, Surrey, UK

"Now I can see that that old tin pot society isn't worth spit, and am glad I walked out. And I walked out because I could see that nothing was ever going to change within that society. Towards the end I made the humongous mistake of putting six of one before The Prisoner, when it should have been the other way around. Since walking out of that society, my appreciation for The Prisoner has increased."

David Stimpson, Author "The Prisoner Variations", Leicester, UK

"Just how the current Six of One guardians can claim to understand the concepts behind the series after embracing covert taping within the society is beyond me."

Simon Wells, London, UK

"I would never re-join the society in its current state; the 'Team' is untrustworthy, the magazine is not worth the money (or so I hear), the arranged events are almost non-existent and the one that is happening is very costly, no questions are being answered and I basically dislike the way things are being run (but that is obviously from the view-point of others). Most importantly, my friends are being 'threatened' for using free speech."

Erica Whittle, Midlands, UK

"I have just been directed to your website by my "Other Half", who was surfing ebay and found a listing which mentioned it. We were both members of Six Of One in the early to mid 90s but did not renew again since. I have to say I am very glad that we did not! It's very sad that a fan club has descended into a bizarre farce due to the actions of a few people. Thanks for publishing all of the information, it made interesting if saddening reading. It's great to see so many Prisoner websites about though, the UnMutual site is most informative. Thanks to these links we have now subscribed to the DeAgostini DVD magazine which we had previously not heard of."

Louise, UK

"When The Prisoner was first aired there was no such thing as the internet and therefore prospective fans (or even people thinking of returning like myself) would have been blissfully unaware of the shameful events you log within your website. Thanks for the warning!"

Graham Poole, Birmingham, UK

"It's just a fan club. It has no remit to act like a corrupt government. It's clearly at odds with the ethics of the tv show it claims to represent. A worthless rabble of buffoons."

Lew Stringer, Midlands, UK

"In effect, the events surrounding 6 of 1 involve the very sorts of things that were wrong in the Village. And the politics involve despotism and hiding of facts that parallel the way a Number 2 would "rule" the Village".

Christopher Browne, UK

"In an ideal world, Roger & Max would do the honourable thing and step down. That way, someone might be able to salvage the society before it makes like the proverbial Oozulum bird and vanishes up its own fundament. Unfortunately, Roger's ego would never allow that."

Giles Kendrick, Midlands, UK

"I was on the point of joining when all the stuff came out about the clandestine taping of a member and the Society's reluctance to be open about its financial affairs. It appears to me to be run as the personal unaccountable property of one person with the assistance of a diminishing number of people who feel an affinity for the principals espoused by the series, but find that allegiance sorely tried by recent happenings. Any one of those is a sufficient reason to persuade me that Six of One is not a group that I wish to join or that I can trust to use my subscription in a proper way."

Brian Watson, Cambs, UK

"I am appalled and disgusted at what the society has become with its illegal and fundamentally immoral acts, boasted about in its infamous "yellow pages"and elsewhere."

Roger Goodman, co-founder of Six of One, North Wales

"Would that anyone there might spent so much time and effort to produce a decent website and magazine for their members instead of writing ridiculously long terms and conditions of membership or hunting down an individual's website. This attempt is Orwellian in its arrogance and desire for control. Quite disgraceful. I enthusiastically await the demise of my subscription to this "Society" as it has moved far too far away from the edicts of the television programme it promotes."

Alan Jones, Editor "The Penny Farthing", Liverpool, UK

"Those members who pay for membership and 'information' are being very poorly served. By what definition is "6 o'1" a "club"? It's rulers eschew accountability entirely and embark on unpleasant rude and even illegal initiatives against individual members; members of long standing who have contributed richly to the group have been driven away in disgust. It's only product is a pallid squib which contains nothing new and the pages of which have been used for partisan politics".

Mike Williams, UK

"One might question why a "personal" recording was so quickly shared with certain other co-ordinators. One might ask why details from a "personal" recording were reported in a society mailing. One might question why this illegal "personal" act, not to
mention its perpetrator, has not been actively and publicly disowned by other members of the co-ordination team. Or one could just send in one's subscription money and look the other way".

Simon Coward, Midlands, UK

"Six of One used to be an excellent appreciation society before it fell into the hands of an unrepresentative group of people. As an ordinary member I was disgusted to receive the yellow document. I still find it incredible that anyone would go to such lengths to give what is obviously a purely one-sided point of view. This insults the intelligence. The character assassinations of David Healey and others seemed to come straight out of a novel by George Orwell. How is it possible that the Six of One coordination team fail to notice how their actions mimic those of the corrupt Village in the series they are supposed to be appreciating? I originally hoped that reconciliation would follow. However, the new magazine was disproportionately written by the same people who had been implicated in the disputes! It occurs to me that the society is now being run in the interests of the co-ordinators rather than the members."

Gareth Thomas, UK

"601 really are on a downward slope aren't they? First they alienate fellow coordinators, then their families, then their friends, then the friends of friends, then their acquaintances they see once a month maximum at a pub. If they carry on this way there really will have no members left."

Helen W, London, UK

"It's fan club for a forty year old TV series and they think they can monitor the debate of members and forbid them to comment? This is another case of illegal monitoring, just as heinous as Max Hora's infamous covert recording outrage."

Greg Burt, UK

"Why did I resign? Well, it's quite simple. I had a choice. Support my friends who had been grievously maltreated or turn a blind eye and go on subscribing. And that's 6o1's problem, really. They not only lost a lot of talented hard workers who promoted the society, they lost those people's friends, and the people who would have joined because of those people."

Steve Dix, Germany

"His (McGoohan's) fans that joined SOO would be rather disappointed if they knew the greed at the top and what it was costing them."

Larry Green, McGoohan Official Autographs, USA

"As a long time fan of the programme and 'near' member of the society (too much of the lone wolf) i was both fascinated and dismayed to read that society members (fellow fans) are being treated almost with contempt if not solely as 'cash cows'. I therefore salute you in your quest. I think these people need to sit down sometime and watch the show to remind themselves of its core values and ethos. Mind you, at least we now know who the guards are!"

Michael Mangham, Midlands, UK

"In this age of Internet we no longer need portals like 601 nor any other sort of gatekeepers to decide what scraps we are going to be thrown. Neither would any sensible person want to join an organization which which refuses to follow the universal convention of presenting accounts at least annually to it's contributing members."

P & C Designori, Wales,, UK

"I am pretty much in sympathy with your aims - I love 'The Prisoner' TV series - but if it isn't fun, then what use is it? Six of One appear a remarkably po - faced outfit - and I was astounded that I couldn't buy merchandise or badges from them! Also - their nightmarish 'rules' read like something from Orwell."

Chris Maitland, UK

"May I give you my thanks as an ex member of Six of One who has no intention of rejoining for posting this information. It sounds as if there has been some serious stuff going on and it's in everyone's interest to get the debate out in the open. If the Six of One coordinators have nothing to say to these allegations then it would seem they don't deserve to continue running the society."

Tim Steele, UK

"Every sentence put out by 6of1 appears to ooze propoganda for how good the society was, how good the committee was and little about the show.......This is by no means a situation that is entirely exclusive to The Prisoner. Other fandoms are afflicted by certain indiviuals who run supposed "Official" Clubs who get a small taste of power and misuse it to their own ends. It then becomes not for the good of the fandom but for their own glorification........I believe Six of One actually "believe" their own hype. I have had the opportunity to look through various official publications by Six of One, namely back issues of their magazine, books etc. All seem to be full of self-congratulatory "pats on the back" for their own elitish heircharchy. I don't pretend to know anything much about the various misdemenours they have been accused of in the past, but their silence speaks volumes. I say silence -all apart from a few of the more audible members who resort to trolling message boards and stirring up discontent all because 3/4 of their members have decided wisely to 'jump ship' and resign their membership. Six of One's abusive stance when asked to answer for what they have been accused of only condemns them further in my book. Indeed they seem to have no remorse for anything they have done. After careful consideration, I will not be joining the society and would strongely urge anyone who is undecided to read on through this website and make their own mind up. Remember that the club's actions seem to violate everything which the show and its creator/star was seemingly fighting against. With that in mind, can you really even think about supporting them?"

Hernes Son, UK

"I just want to say that i found your website interesting and informative. One of the reasons I let my Six Of One subscription lapse (quite a few years ago now) was because i was finding Six of One to be more and more political, and i found myself trusting certain members less and less. I just want to say, well done to Dave Jones and all the rest of you for all the hard work they still put into Prisoner appreciation."

Drew Wood, UK

"Thanks for putting up this information. I was on the verge of joining 6 of 1, but now I definitely won't do so. I shook my head in disbelief that someone can so fundamentally go against the principles of the original television show."

Chris Wellings, Exeter

"This whole schism within the old society is probably in the record books by now as the biggest bitch of all time. I think it does show that even the humblest human club needs a constitution from its inception"

Pete Shimmon, UK

"I was a member of Six of One from c1993 - 2000. The reason I did not renew in 2000 was because at that time I was becoming totally exasperated by the apparent burgoning obsession the club had with itself rather than with the TV Programme it professed to champion. It seemed to me that its entire raison d'etre was the self aggrandisement of certain members. That's why I left - I ignored their reminders for me to renew as I thought 'well if you don't realize why people like me are leaving then you should try to actually find out rather than simply sending bog standard renewal slips'. I am now saddened to read how the once mighty Six of One has degenerated into a complete farce - how disappointing - especially for those whose only interest was the programme and not those running the fan club."

Seb, UK

"I have long played with the idea to join a Prisoner Appreciation Club - now that I read your comments about the "original" "official" Society, makes me wonder if it will be a good idea after all...........I believe my initial feeling about not joining any organization and sitting quietly at home watching my DVDs, reading my books and driving my 7 will grant me the sincerest and untroubled pleasures related to the Prisoner - I like to think that this is also what P.McG. would opt for!"

Ron Stephano, Luxembourg

"I have just read your website after looking for the 6o1 website and I am glad you have it up and running. I am not and have never been a member of 6o1 - I don't particularly feel the need to join a club to appreciate the series............Please keep up the good work - society as a whole has to be protected and informed of such activities - Number 6 would have been proud!"

Richard Essery, Monmouth, UK

"I'll admit that I'm far from an expert on my own country's laws, much less Britain's, but at least in the US, I believe that non-profit organizations are legally required to make their finances a matter of public record. At the very least, I would guess that their claims to the benefits of membership should constitute some form of fraud."

Andrew Getting, USA

"I would like to thank the creators of this site, and the regular posters in, for allowing me a very lucky escape from the clutches of the Village before I was taken in! I was considering joining Six of One, when I was shocked to read on the newsgroup of Max Hora's secret taping of Dave Healey. So, thank you to all of the ex-members of the Society who have brought the unethical antics of Six of One to light. You have allowed me to make an informed choice; with this information, I have decided to avoid funding the dodgy activities of the Society. I would also like to congratulate the Webmaster of this site, for informing other potential members about the Society's shocking misdeeds.
Although I admit that I am not "in the loop" with regard to the Society's activities, I have no doubt about its misdeeds. Not only has the Society made no attempt whatsoever to refute any of the specific claims made against it, but its own website is full of increasingly evasive "legalese", clearly designed to shore up its increasingly precarious position.
I am appalled at Six of One's behaviour; it not only fails to live up to the ethical standards espoused by The Prisoner, the very series it claims to appreciate and represent, but it has utterly betrayed the key tenets of the show so very thoroughly, that it now resembles a corrupt government in miniature - or, to put it another way, the Society now resembles the Village itself! I am saddened that the Society has dragged Patrick McGoohan's name through the mud, and if the Co-ordinators had any respect at all for the man, they would stop using his name as an endorsement.
Many of Six of One's antics are truly disgraceful, while others are merely pathetic. Ultimately, I pity the leaders of the Society. These grown men and women must have very little in the world if they feel the need to take any actions necessary to cling onto power in a waning television appreciation society."

Titan, UK

"All this echoes what I've encountered in the past: academics, family members of a deceased talent who feel they own the actual person and put as many obstacles in the way of others they regard as threats.."

Tony Williams, USA

"Gee! thanks for the warning! Keep up the hard work!"

Pamela R, USA

"Thank you for providing this website. I support its aims totally. It provides all the evidence of Six of One's wrong doings and the more people who read it and get clued in the better."

Sulzeer Bengo, UK

"I was a member of Six of One through the late 80's and early 90's. I attended many annual conventions and a number of other events, including 3 in London. The highlight was when I produced a massive cake to celebrate the 25th anniversary. The quality of the mailouts did deteriorate, and yes I also found that questions about the running of the society were ignored. A friend of mine first planted a seed of doubt when she asked me why there were no elections to select people onto the committee. I also realised that the hotel accommodation for the convention would always go to the same few people. It was supposed to be allocated at random, by pulling the names from a hat. The cost of renewing my membership eventually drove me away. This whole sorry farce is sad and a great disappointment for genuine fans of "The Prisoner". I even thought of re-joining recently, but thanks to the doubts I've read here, I will not. Thank you for saving me money!"

David Hartley, Bradford, UK

About 2 years ago I joined 6 of 1. This was about a week before I found your site and the usenet group and read about what the society had been up to. Well anyway I'd paid so I thought I'd make my own mind up.

"The magazine I have to admit "looked" good, but on reading it, there was very little of substance. The letters page was a complete joke that basically was a collection of "you are so wonderful for running this society, and I can't wait for my membership to need renewed so I can send you more money" letters. Ho hum. The straw that broke the camels back for me, was when I didn't recieve one of the mailings. When I contacted tehm, they said that they had mailed it out and it wasn't their problem, so if I wanted a replacement I'd ahve to pay again. This got me a little angry, so I told them that I had not recieved the mailing and there was no way they were getting any more money out of me for a replacement. After a few email exchanges, they (reluctantly) agreed to replace it. Needless to say I did not renew my membership. The magazine is useless, they are unfriendly, and you can get more info on the Unmutuals site than you can from 6 of 1. I would urge anyone considering joining to think again."

Colin Dalgliesh, UK

"I like many on your site am a ex member of Six of One. I have recently left although i've been reading your site for over a year now. Obviously i read your info on six of one but i made uo my own decision due to the terrible attitude i have found from the people who run it. A while ago i asked for your help on making a prisoner jacket, i also asked the same question from six of one. You kindly came back to me with a great list of info and i did make my own jacket and i used it for filming a birthday video for a sci fi website i write for. I received only this from six of one "We cant give you any advice, why dont you buy one from the shop".

Simon Meddings, UK

"It's a shame what I have been reading on the net about all the in-fighting and illegal acts etc."


"Please keep up the good work!"

Simon Lewis, UK

"I have viewed your website with great interest. I for one, do not defend them (they have been the only Prisoner Mag I could find) I have been a member of Six of One for two years now."


"I was delighted to discover that you exist. I too 'resigned' from six of one in about1998, being unhappy about the lack of accountability to the membership and feeling that those in authority had their own agendas."

Tony Mono, UK

"I've been recently thinking of joing six of one, but after finding your articles have decided against such an idea."

Kyra Lynn, UK

"I am astounded to discover that a lot of the problems I remember from 'my time' have now escalated beyond all reason. It is all a great shame."

David Thompson, UK

"Oddly enough I was thinking about joining Six of One until we read some of the questionable business ethics their members were concerned about."

Devon Gray, USA

"..........your site has convinced me that 6o1 is does not live up to the reputable name that I thought it to be when I joined last November, so I'm about half way through my second subscription at the moment. Which as a result of this I probably won't be renewing so at least you know your site is doing some good."

G. Williams, Wales, UK

"You have no idea how grateful i am to have stumbled upon your site especially after having nothing but bad experiences with that other site."


"Unfortunately the incidents you documented inside are often typical of many “fan” organizations whose administration are more interested in the “power” (rather big fish in small pond syndrome). But from the info you’ve provided it seems more like a “scientology” group than a prisoner appreciation group. Wish I had seen your site before getting suckered into joining by all the pretty convention pictures and self-serving rhetoric (having just renewed my interest in the series by watching the DVD set).......I’ll chalk it up to experience……"


"I am a very recent convert to The Prisoner, I adore it and would probably have happily (and possibly unwittingly) sent my hard-earned off to the folks at Six of One. In looking for their site I found yours, initially it seemed a slightly more self-effacing way for a fan club to advertise itself. When I read a little more, and then more. I resolved to keep my money firmly in my pocket. No offence to your good selves intended, but even if the allegations you present are unfounded, the fact that there are so many of them, and that they are part of a growing list: "Six of One attack charity fundraising event. NEW 9/10/05" is in itself cause to ask some serious questions of the people running Six of One. Which of course you have, but to have been in a position to draw so many of these anomalies to our attention without receiving a single direct response is incredible. What little I've read of the 'yellow document' is far from direct. Put simply a group of people running a non-profitmaking society which utilises the funds of its members is of course answerable to its members, not the other way around! Make your resignation count, I recently discovered a television series that was about a man who resigned and was repeatedly ask why. I think you'd quite like it.Thank you for drawing my attention to this."


"I used to be a member of the society for a number of years but I let my membership lapse in the late 1990s. Imagine my surprise when I decided to look up the society again and found that the convention cost £25 and is held every two years!"

Peter Brown, Wales, UK


Complaint from a Prisoner fan directed at the Six of One website (posted on, February 2004, in response to Larry Halls attempted shutdown of this website):

"I note with some distress that one of the sites you host seems to have no other purpose but to bring the themes and integrity of a television series into disrepute. The programme being maligned is "The Prisoner", which was made in the UK and has been in existence since 1967. The programme is deeply political and has no other purpose but to act as an allegory of society and to invite viewers to consider their role within the wider world, particularly concerning issues such as where the boundaries between authority and personal freedom lie.
"As one of the fans of the series, I take great exception to the lack of information provided on the series, contradictory statements as to the nature of this fan non-club or un-society, misleading offers of events and "high-quality" publications which do not exist, breach of copyright, and fundamental contempt for the issues the series raised, particularly in regard to freedom of information and respect for an individual's privacy, being made by the person or persons acting as webmasters at the following URL: (yes, I put the extra . in there to stop you all looking at it, like you need to be warned off ;-)
At the very least, this qualifies as a "crap" site, it has no other purpose than to boost the egos of its pathetically small-minded, pompous and laughably self-important self-described "coordinators" and I am surprised that you allow such sites on your server, particularly as this one clearly contravenes several of your guidelines, particularly those appertaining to "material or statements
which infringes common sense, or reality as it is generally accepted to exist"

Gareth Hughes, East Anglia, UK

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