Forget Six of One - Enjoy the alternatives.

Six of One is no longer relevant to Prisoner appreciation. Most of the talented members have quit in disgust at the antics of the current coordination team, leaving behind only a small number of members. In the modern days of the internet, it is no longer necessary to join a club to learn information about the series, or to meet and converse with like-minded individuals. Indeed, Six of One admitted this in a recent Society magazine:

In the 4 years leading up to February 2023, the Society has only held two events - a poorly attended Convention (described by many as "embarrasing", "lacking atmosphere", "badly organised" and even by the event location staff as "dwindling"), and a meet-up at a pub.

Outside of the Society, however, countless events have taken place in recent years including large official events in Portmeirion (such as PM2005-8 and Network's official 50th anniversary event) and at Elstree Studios (including The Unmutual Website's official 50th anniversary event), Location Tours several times per year, book launches, Mind Mash events, and Local Group activities, and many of these types of events were produced without the involvement of Six of One.

Prisoner guests at PM2005 - run independently of Six of One.

Details of these events, and future ones, can be found by visiting The Unmutual website.

In recent years, Six of One has not created any new merchandise of its own, apart from illegal bootlegs and copyright-breaking items produced by coordinator Roger Langley, more details HERE, and the self-referential mailings they provide (which contain little or no interesting or new information regarding the series). They have also been SELLING (for profit - totally against their non-profit making remit) items which were given FREE to them by the Sci-fi channel to promote their screening of the series!) Outside of the Society, however, countless books and items have become available plus a host of fanzines, websites and the continuing availability of a Patrick McGoohan interview CD by Roger Goodman, Official Prisoner Quiz book by Leslie Glen, and new Patrick McGoohan Biography by Rupert Booth, with contributions from those who knew the man, plus official DVDs and CDs from the likes of NETWORK.

Visit The Unmutual Website, which is the largest known resource of Prisoner news and information, regularly for more details. Daily debates regarding the series continue on the internet, particularly at "The Prisoner" facebook group. Other than making a mockery of McGoohan's ideals and wasting £28, there is nothing to gain by joining Six of One. Instead, stay out and enjoy the alternatives.

In addition to ignoring these items themselves, the Society appears to be deliberately ensuring that genuine Prisoner fans don't become aware of these items by *any* means. Below is a piece from an article in one of their more recent magazines, where they claim no independent events or items exist:

Also, in April 2004, coordinator Rob Beale confirmed this tactic of denying the existance of non-Six of One projects, in an email to an ex-member of the Society:

"While I was there [Portmeirion] I had a look at the pc in the Prisoner shop and as expected, the unmutual sites [sic] were in the favourites folder. Naturally I deleted them and added all the 6o1 sites."Rob Beale, 17/4/04

As of 2023 it is still very much the case, and increasingly so, that Prisoner fans are better off without joining the Society than if they join, and more examples of how Six of One deliberately hide news from members of non-Society events and merchandise can be found HERE.

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This page updated Feb 2023