Talented members and coordinators leave in disgust.

Due to the despicable actions of those currently running Six of One, a very large number of active and non-active members have quit the Society. Almost every single individual that had displayed some sort of talent is no longer a member.

All of the following highly-talented active members have left the Society due to the deplorable events of recent times.

Dave Coffey - Ex coordinator and Editor of "Orange Alert" magazine.

Dave Healey - Ex-coordinator and ex-Editor of "In The Village" magazine.

Howard Foy - Ex-coordinator and ex-Editor of "Number Six" magazine.

Nadine Coffey - Ex-coordinator, Convention Photographer, and Party organiser.

Joanne Healey - Ex-coordinator and Editorial assistant.

Dave Jones - Ex-coordinator, Convention host, organiser of Coliseum Prisoner screenings and Anniversary events.

Julie Jones - Ex-coordinator, organiser of Coliseum Prisoner screenings and Anniversary events.

Steven Ricks - Ex-Convention organiser, documentary maker and guest liaison.

Simon Coward - Ex-coordinator (designed membership database) and CULT TV expert.

David Stimpson - Re-enactment organiser, Prisoner film/book writer, regular article contributor.

Peter Dunn - Hosted Prisoner discussion group at Convention.

Leslie Glen - Hosted Prisoner discussion group, quiz and music recital at Convention, and annual "Brain Bash".

Dave Lally - Tirelessly promoted Six of One at Sci-fi conventions, organiser of location tours.

Lew Stringer - Professional cartoonist who hosted "Quick on the Draw" events for free at Convention.

Erica Whittle - Work-in organiser and regular article contributor.

Alan Jones & Ronnie Soo - Editor & Webmaster of "The Penny Farthing".

Jane Rowe - Tried to resolve the worsening Six of One situation but her efforts were ignored by the Society.

Nick Ford - Designer of many of the Convention props.

Steve Dix - Convention sound effects, small films and presentations.

Mathew Lock - Pioneer of "Radio Village", small films and presentations.

Ed Ball - Musician and guest at many Society events.

These individuals are, of course, in addition to the countless numbers of less-active members who have left the Society. Membership of Six of One in the mid-1990s was counted in thousands1. All that are left now are a few hundred diehards, who either do not know what has happened or who feel that a poorly produced magazine is more important than the themes and principles so wonderfully demonstrated in The Prisoner.

Even Max Hora's ex-partner, Sarah Jenkin, asked for her views to be posted on the alt.tv.prisoner newsgroup to confirm that people were leaving in their droves:

"Ever since people started leaving 6 of 1 in droves, the numbers just haven't been the same anymore.........With that kind of
attitude from co-ordinators, I'm beginning to wonder if some ex-members have been needlessly alienated from 6 of 1?"

Sarah Jenkin

1 Source: 2001 Society supplement gives 1994 figure as 2217, 2001 figure as 807. In August 2003 membership was described as "reduced" by Roger Langley. Portmeirion described Convention attendance as "dwindling" in 2012.

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