Statement from Society co-founder Roger Goodman.

"Judie Adamson, Dave Barrie and I founded the Prisoner Appreciation Society in 1976. In 1977 its title (but little else) transmuted into Six Of One. Subscriptions came in by the thousand and in 1978 it was second only to the Trekkies in membership numbers for a tv series fan base and had more members than the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament, a statistic that still makes me shiver slightly.

Today with a few hundred dwindling members it is a dreadful shadow of its former proud self. The very nature of The Prisoner tv series means the society is bound to attract personalities of markedly differing temperament and as a result Six Of One has had its ups and downs over the years, but never would Judie and I have contemplated what we have witnessed since 2001, events and items which are well documented elsewhere on this website.

My jaw dropped when I saw that *all* the co-ordinators endorsed a belief-defying "end of year report" for 2001 that reads like something put out by a Number 2, rather than an appreciation society for The Prisoner. For whatever sinister reason the society now operates with all the trappings, attitude and machinery of the Village. What began in 1976 as a bunch of people recognising that covert surveillance and depersonalisation and all things Village was instinctively wrong is now an entrenched quasi-family group with values that are the exact opposite of 1976's.

I am appalled and disgusted at what the society has become with its illegal and fundamentally immoral acts, boasted about in its infamous "yellow pages"and elsewhere.

ITC were so impressed by the conduct of Six Of One in its early days that they asked if the same personnel would like to run a similar organisation for The Muppets! Today Six Of One struggle to organise anything and have become a laughing stock in tv fandom."

Roger Goodman, 12/11/2003

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