Six of One coordinator Rob Beale's internet deception.

In 2005, further evidence of Six of One's coordinator's immoral streaks came to light on a Yahoo Prisoner forum, run by an associate of the Society independently of it. Coordinator and Convention organiser Rob Beale (who had previously posted some mild abuse on another forum under the names "rrumpole" and "Starbug") pretended to be a rank-and-file Society member called "Danny Malin" to promote the Convention, later denying that he was Rob Beale and deliberately deceiving the group. He was later proved to be lying to the moderator of the group, and its 1000 members, and was banned from it. Here follows a summary of what took place.

After Six of One's poorly attended Convention in March 2005, several posters aired their disappointments regarding the event on various newsgroups, with very few people speaking up in support of the disgraced Society.

A poster calling himself "sixofoner57" posted the following on March 2005:

"What a blast! Another great convention, from start to finish. I hardly had time to catch my breath between events, the programme was so packed. The whole thing was so professionally staged, hats off to the organisers!"

Other users of the forum noted how odd the choice of language in the above posting was, and asked "sixofoner57" if they themselves were an organiser. They then got this reply:

"Good grief, I would never be able to dedicate the amount of time that the organisers do, I don't know how they do it, they deserve a huge pat on the back. I genuinely enjoyed the weekend and don't really care what others who were not there think. the convention was suberbly organised and staged and I would encourage others to join six of one if they haven't already and get along to the next convention."

The moderator of the group, who runs a Six of One-linked website, then posted in support of "sixofoner57" and gave the IP address ( as evidence of "sixofoner57"'s innocent identity. What the moderator didn't realise is that this is the IP address of Six of One coordinator Rob Beale, as evidenced by a screen grab of a properties box (which cannot be doctored) of a threatening email from Rob Beale to Prisoner fan Lew Stringer. Click HERE to see this screen grab.

When this was realised by the posters to the group, they asked Rob Beale to own up to his pretence of being an ordinary Six of One member, to which he replied:

"My name is Danny Malin, and I am NOT a convention organiser. I was simply letting people know how much I enjoyed the convention and how well it was organised. I'm an ordinary six of one member letting other Prisoner fans know how the weekend went who might not have been there. My views are totally impartial and unbiased."

To defend this, the moderator pointed out that a second IP address was also sometimes used by "sixofoner57", emanating from an organisation based in Shropshire. Further investigations proved that this organisation was Rob Beale's work address!

The moderator seemed convinced at that point that Beale had been deliberately lying to the group, which has over 1000 Prisoner fans as members, and set up a poll to see what should be done. The options in the poll were as follows:
1) I do not believe the charge.
2) I believe the charge, but it's irrelevant.
3) I don't care.
4) I believe the charge and Beale should be banned from the group.

Only 2 people voted for option 1. American Six of One coordinator Bruce Clark (after all, Six of One are strangers to the truth), and one other. Most voted for option 3 or 4, with some choosing option 2. Interestingly, and amusingly, "sixofoner57" (Rob Beale) himself voted for option 2 - rather making a mockery of Bruce Clark's support!

"Sixofoner57" (the 57 relates to Rob Beale's birth year) was then banned from the group by its moderator - since that time the group has enjoyed nothing but undiluted Prisoner discussion.

Rob Beale is a Six of One coordinator, and therefore has part-guardianship of Prisoner appreciation. Whilst other Six of One members and coordinators cannot be held to account for his individual actions, no other coordinator has publicly admonished Beale for his deliberate deception and identity theft.

Is Rob Beale really someone who you can trust to run events under the Prisoner banner, and look after and spend thousands of pounds of members' money? If you're thinking of joining the disgraced Society, bear this question in mind.

It has not yet been proven if seemingly-fake Facebook accounts abusing (click HERE) non-members in 2015 are in fact Rob Beale, or other Six of One coordinators.

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This page updated 13/4/2005