Six of One supporters and coordinators post lies and abuse on the internet.

Ever since the deplorable actions of the current coordinators of Six of One have become public knowledge, many of those who have quit the Society have been scratching their heads wondering why some people still wish to continue their membership, and finance and support this behaviour.

At the newsgroup after this website was launched, many ex-members asked for "lurking" Six of One members to explain why they remain in the Society, and to defend the offensive actions of the co-ordination team.

Several Six of One supporters took up the challenge and gave their views to the newsgroup/forums. Each one was a highly offensive individual. It seemed that the only people left in Six of One were either conductors of immoral activities, or abusive supporters of it.

More recently, the subject of Six of One has come up several times on different Facebook pages (such as a group page devoted to The Prisoner). Many of these threads/conversations get deleted by the moderators (one of which is a member of Six of One) as they tend to descend into arguments, lies, and personal comments. In these conversations, even current members who enjoy the magazine and convention admit there are wrongdoings within the society (and choose to ignore them as they enjoy being a member, or dressing up, for example). The longest conversation, which again got out of hand due to one or two people, can still be seen HERE. after a nameless/anonymous person claimed they were being bullied (yet no evidence of this bullying was given).

Six of One members are increasingly few and far between on these conversations, but one appeared on a page devoted to the charity fundraising website The Unmutual in which several questions were asked and incorrect statements made. When the operator of the page answered every question in polite detail, the member complained, suggesting "inflexibility":

Historically, prior to the "social media revolution", there were several examples of particularly abusive individuals (many of them being Six of One coordinators using a false name, later identified by their computer's IP addresses):

Six of One Supporter 1: "Starbug" (S/he refused to divulge his/her real name, but as you will later discover the identity became clear).

Rather than defend the Society with a reasonable list of points and friendly debate, Starbug decided that s/he would speak in support of Six of One with a torrent of abuse, lies and bizarre statements about some highly respected ex-members:

"Primadona, egotistical, hamster blowing, vicar tossing well known shirt lifter". 7/04/2003

"Girlfriendless, sad talentless.........whingeing tosser." 7/04/2003

"Obnoxious letch, non-stop bull-s*****r." 7/04/2003

"Get, a, f*****g and life." 6/04/2003

"You're a bloody goblin." 6/04/2003

Starbug's "parting shot" to the newsgroup was to promise that 2 work-ins were definitely going to be held during summer/autumn 2003. Neither of these events took place, and it has since been announced that work-ins have been cancelled.

After investigations were undertaken by the moderators of several websites and forums using IP addresses and email domain names used by "Starbug", it turned out that Starbug was, in fact, Society coordinator Rob Beale, who emailed this website to beg forgiveness so that his employers did not find the "outing" of his behaviour on the internet.

It has not been proven that Beale's friend and former coordinator Geoff Lake was also involved, although it is a large coincidence that his Yahoo name is "Starbug6uk" and Rob Beale, via the internet name "rrumpole" had been a regular "troll" on the newsgroup, and that Geoff Lake posted under the name "Starbug" to a Slade Forum.

Beale was eventually outed when the IP address of the abuser was traced to Beale's workplace, that of a Shrewsbury-based garden company.

His habits did not end there, in 2005, Rob Beale was kicked off of a moderated Yahoo group when he pretended to be someone he wasn't to deceive the group and its moderator. Click HERE to read more on this.


Six of One Supporter 2: "Iron Filings" (he refused to divulge his real name).

Iron Filings announced himself to the newsgroup by accusing several ex-members of fraud and theft. All of his accusations were publicly disproved. He later apologised, never to be seen again.


Six of One Supporter 3: Matt

Matt seemed very friendly when he first arrived on the newsgroup. A new member of Six of One, his mind seemed fairly open with regards to the immorality emanating from Box 66. However, like those before him, he resorted to abuse as he found that he could not defend the indefensible.

A typical comment from Matt:

"Why don't you just go and crawl back down the abortion bucket you crawled out of? You ignorant, arrogant, in-bred b**tard son of a B**CH!"


Six of One Supporter 4: Stephen Cameron

Possibly the oddest of this collection of individuals, Stephen arrived on the newsgroup voicing concerns about the immorality of the Society and certain emails he had received from coordinator Bruce Clark. When pointed to this website to confirm his suspicions, he did a "u-turn", dismissed it all as "lies" and then, when found he couldn't back up his claims, resorted to personal abuse.

The most sickening posting, however, came some time later, when he used the sad death of much-loved Prisoner actor Alexis Kanner to "score points", criticising a regular poster for announcing the news when "Six of One announced it first".

His comments in March 2004 reached a new level of weirdness when he accused Carlton, DeAgostini and several ex-Society members of inventing the new DeAgostini magazine/DVD partwork:

"Thats assuming the new mag is genuine. Only unmutuals have mentioned it so far", "I doubt there will be any found anywhre. They dont exist." Stephen Cameron, 16/3/04


Six of One Supporter 5: Gordon/Harry

The next in what seems to be a long line of abusive and idiotic Six of One supporters is "Gordon" / "Harry" (as is usual, he did not want to reveal his true identity) who went under the pseudonyms "Dangerspy" , "The Blue Cow", "Mithras", "Solo Olabe", "John6", "Harry_Rule", "Thebutler", "Guy Fawkes" and "Gordon_Isnomoron". In April 2005 he re-appeared as "Numb6", and later as "Sphinx601". He indulged in the full "hat-trick" of despicable activities: Lies, Abuse and Idiocy. Here is just a selection of some of the personal attacks he has posted on the newsgroup (note: he also copied his/her abuse to another newsgroup), although it should be added that those he abused later "gave back as good as they got":

"You really are a stranger to rational thought aren't you" Gordon 25/6/04
"Going by the photos, XXXX's been bigging up for a long time." Gordon 17/7/04
".....this menagerie of back-biting heathens and anarchists" Gordon 21/6/04
"XXXX seems incapable of rational thought" Gordon 21/6/04
"You're a hapless minority of mostly fat losers" Harry 7/9/04
"........gloves off they're motherfuckers" Harry 31/7/2004 (Amazingly, this comment was directed at Six of One, the very organisation he claimed to be supporting).
"Roger Langley might be stuffing his pockets with money." Gordon 20/11/04
"Would any chicks like to be spanked in The Village?" Guy Fawkes, 7/11/2004
"I don't know what I'm doing you bastards......" Gordon 11/12/2004
"Your site is a filthy one sided distortion of F**KING LIES Mr.*****" Gordon 14/12/2004
"Thats classic coming from an obese baldy no-woman no-job weirdeo" Numb6 29/3/2005
"***** is a bum, cunt, arsehole, trouble maker.....Six of One ROCK" Guy Fawkes 5/7/2005

As well as the personal abuse to the other posters, s/he also accused Carlton's Official merchandise as being "rival publications to Six of One" and "Unofficial", accused Society co-founder and PrizBiz owner Roger Goodman, "On The Trail" author Cathy Frumerman, Penny Farthing Editor Alan Jones, former magazine editor David Healey, Unmutual webmasters Rick Davy and Lew Stringer (even claiming at one point that The Unmutual was not even run by the individuals concerned), and various other active fans of "doing nothing for Prisoner fandom".

S/he also accused ex-Six of One member Helen Weathers of lying about the threatening phone-call she received from Max Hora, and accused this website of being "full of lies and distortions". S/he also repeatedly quoted many of Six of One's lies (particularly those with regards to events and so forth, which can be found HERE).

When asked why s/he so vehemently supported Six of One, his/her answers were astounding by anyone's standards, let alone that of a supposed Prisoner fan:

"I don't CARE who did what to whom." Gordon 30/6/04
"Your continual and persistent falsehoods do you no favour." Gordon 26/6/04
"I don't care who ripped off who whenever, whatever, yadda,yadda,yadda..." Gordon 25/6/04
"I don't care who taped who, why which is what or whoever." Gordon 23/6/04
"It's nothing to do with you lot. Keep your noses out!" Gordon 30/6/04
"If you wish to act like a rebellious Number Six I suggest you do so within the appropriate sphere of a Prisoner convention."
Gordon 21/6/04
"Six Of One, the ONLY GENUINE Prisoner Fans." Gordon 23/7/04
"The boat is not yours to rock. Kindly leave us be or face the consequences of your actions." Harry 7/9/04
"All Max did was a clever TRICK OR TREAT". Gordon 31/10/04
"I hope you've all learnt your lessons you nasty mouthed complainers." Gordon 31/10/04
"I wish Six of One WOULD issue another document but not an apology it should chastise all the Unmutuals [sic] who have mouthed off against the society. An update to the original document. Not a retraction.!!" Gordon 14/12/2004

In addition to the above, which is all archived in Google Groups for anyone to check at their leisure, s/he referred to the above mentioned "Matt" as "a nice lad called Matt who was a very friendly visitor" and that an American individual, who only frequents the newsgroup on rare occasions for the sole purpose of making very unkind personal remarks, should "be given a medal".

S/he also described readers of this website, who have sent their views to our Points of View page, as being "brainwashed". Here's another few quotes which are so bizarre (and untrue) we don't need to comment further on them:

"Six of One own the words London Walkabout", .
"Six of One own everything done for them!!!"
"While I'm at it. You shouldn't be doing a Prisoner web site. Only Six of One are officially allowed to do those. End of discussion."
"Six of One still own the rights to the name London Walkabout, London Locations Walkabout, Prisoner Locations Walkabout and they also own the route taken by Lally around London."
"Six of One own walkabouts around London.......No one should be doing it without their permission."

In August 2004, Harry/Gordon realised that his "support" of Six of One was actually doing them more harm than good, when potential members of the Society admitted that Harry/Gordon's behaviour had put them off of joining and posted the following:

"I did not intend bringing this society into disrepute with comments baiting ex-members on the internet who have issues and personal agendas with the society. Some of this occured three years ago and we wish to put the matters to rest."

Note the last sentence in this statement (reproduced exactly as posted). It seems that Gordon/Harry is either more involved with the Society than first thought, or else had forgotten to remove from his posting some correspondence he had received from the Society warning him that his abusive and nonsensical postings were not helping the Society.


Even Six of One's American coordinator, Bruce Clark, is not above abuse. When long-standing member Peter Dunn emailed Bruce to ask for his side of the story, he received a volley of abuse in reply, as this posting by Peter on the newsgroup testifies:

"I cannot copy his response here as he explicitly asked me not to. What did come back however was unexpectedly shot through with persistent personal insults, bile and bitterness, and he concluded with a statement that he did not want to hear from me again either directly or indirectly and would refuse to read any further mail from me. I did give him the benefit of the doubt and emailed him back trying to ignore the bile and taking up some his points. I have however received no response. I made it clear to him that I would reluctantly agree to his request not to put his reply up on the newsgroup but that I would tell the newsgroup he had replied and the tenor of that reply. Without further contact from him - which he refuses - I can only conclude that he is too ashamed of his reply to let it be seen."

Statement by Peter Dunn at, 04/01/2003.

Bruce Clark also refused to disprove the findings of this website when contacted by a Society member (click HERE for more details on this). If you join Six of One, these are the sorts of people you will be associating with.

As stated above, social media has also seen a rise in abuse from Six of One supporters. One instance involved a lady posting on the Festival Number Six facebook page in 2015 stating that she had been treated poorly by members of the society coordination team at the festival. Rather than try and help with her concerns, she was abused by Six of One supporters for daring to post and criticise them.

As of February 2016, Beale, Hora, and Clark remain coordinators of Six of One.

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