Six of One attempt to shut down this website.

As you will have seen throughout this website, the Society coordinators are seemingly obsessed with hiding the truth regarding their shameful actions of recent years. It was nevertheless surprising, however, when an email from the ISP that hosts this website was received detailing a demand they had received from coordinator Larry Hall on behalf of Six of One to shut this website down.

Quite rightly, the ISP confirmed that there were no grounds to have it shut down.

Before you read Hall's comments, it is worth noting once again that this site contains no false information. No communication from any Society coordinator, member, or supporter has ever been sent to this website proving that any statement on the site is false. Indeed, one current member contacted US coordinator Bruce Clark recently asking for clarification. Click HERE to see what happened.

It is also worth noting that Hall's claim that this website's name breaches the Society's copyright is also false. Ever wondered why cheques to Six of One must be payable to "Number Six" and not "Six of One"? It is because the name is copyrighted to an ex-member who has given us permission to use the name. It is also worth noting that the link that "technical co-ordinator" Hall supplied to the ISP doesn't work. He also claims that Carlton International fully support the Society in some official capacity. Click HERE for the truth regarding this.

Hall later complained a second time about the fact that this website had been sent the complaint (what did he expect the ISP to do, shut down the site on his say so?)

Another despicable example of control freakery from Six of One!

Complaint from Larry Hall (shortened but not edited):

"I note with some distress that one of the sites you host seems to have no other purpose but to bring another organisation into disrepute. The organisation being maligned is Six of One, which is based in the UK and has been in existence since 1976. The society is strictly non-political and non-racist and has no other purpose but to act as an appreciation society for "The Prisoner" TV series. The way our society operates is clearly set out at the following URL: We have no other agenda beyond the statements on that page and operate within the guidelines of, and with the full support of, the owners of the series, Carlton International Media and have, since the society was started been recognised internationally as the only official appreciation society for "The Prisoner" series."

"As one of the co-ordinating team of this society, I take great exception to the comments being made by the person or persons acting as webmasters at the following URL on your server: These comments are not only untrue but also defamatory. You will also note that they are in breach of copyright by using our society name in their URL without permission. At the very least, this qualifies as a "hate" site, it has no other purpose, and we are surprised that you allow such sites on your server, particularly as this one clearly contravenes several of your guidelines, particularly those appertaining to "material or statements which infringes the Intellectual Property Rights or contractual or statutory rights of any person or legal entity or the laws or statutory regulations relating to defamation, contempt, blasphemy, infringement of privacy or personal data rights."
Larry Hall. Technical Co-ordinator. Six Of One.

Larry Hall has a history of spreading lies and misinformation on his website. Click HERE for more details.

Click HERE to return to the main page, where details of many other dirty deeds can be found.

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