Larry Hall - a menagerie of lies and strange comments.

One website which many Prisoner fans come across is that of Larry Hall. Larry Hall has in the past been a coordinator of Six of One and a renowned expert on the music used in the series. However, in 2003 he took to giving his own views on the events surrounding the Society. Some of the opinions he airs on his site are reproduced here. As you will see, they are a strange collection of lies and bizarre comments.

It is worth noting that Larry become involved with the running of Six of One again after the secret taping of Dave Healey, and re-joined the coordination team. Indeed, in February 2004 he attempted to have this very website shut down - click HERE for more on this. This seems odd when you consider that he famously referred to Roger Langley as "that bastard from Ipswich" in a coordination phone-call some years ago.

Here are some of Larry's comments - interceded with some comments about each. The first one comes from his site's FAQ, in answer to "I hear that Six of One are in trouble?":

"This is just pointless hate-mail in the '' newsgroup from disaffected people who have nothing better to do but spread gossip, misinformation and plain lies.........Personally, I wasn't around 601 when all this blew up." Larry Hall, 2003.

If Larry Hall "wasn't around at the time", it is impossible to see how he can dismiss everything this site has proven as "lies, gossip and misinformation". It is best to trust the many individuals who were around at the time and know it all to be true, and have contacted this website to confirm this, not Larry Hall (who by his own admission wasn't around at the time). As for the secret taping, yellow document, bootleg DVD, and hidden bank balance, they were all announced by Six of One themselves and not by anyone else.

"Six Of One has it's internal squabbles from time-to-time and it's coordinators fall out. Some of them, rather than leaving with dignity, prefer to spread their grievances around in public." Larry Hall, 2003.

Interesting point from Larry, whose idea of behaving with dignity was to throw a tape-recorder across the room at a work-in in the mid-1980s when he didn't get his way. Interestingly, when Larry left the coordination team during that decade he dumped mailout material on fellow coordinator Bill Faupel's drive and left without ringing the bell. The same thing that Dave Healey has been attacked for in the yellow document when he left magazines in Dave Barrie's driveway. The irony that Larry's grievances above are on a public website is obviously lost on him.

"Rubbishing the whole of the society's output irrespective of it's quality is likewise stupid because, no matter what the newsgroup mafia would have you believe, what the society provides to it's members is as good today as it's always been." Larry Hall, 2003.

As is proved on another page (click HERE), the output is at an all-time low.

"Ebay is also the best place to find other rare PRISONER memorabilia - sooner or later, whatever you're looking for turns up. HOWEVER, BE AWARE THAT NOT ALL ITEMS ARE NECESSARILY LEGAL. It's OK to sell single items from private and paid-for personal collections, quite another to have copyrighted photos reproduced without a licence and offered for sale. Don't line the pockets of the pirates." Larry Hall

Bearing in mind Six of One have recently been selling a bootleg items for profit, this statement is astounding.

"It's interesting that all of this has actually re-vitalised my own interest in The Prisoner and in Six Of One on the basis that, if someone is trying so hard to keep me away from it, it must be worth finding out why!" Larry Hall, 2003.

His advise would presumably therefore be to carry straight on when one gets to a set of red traffic lights, in that case. Is there any logic to be found in that statement from Hall?

He also mentions that joining Six of One will mean access to "Roadshow events":

"The society has informal "Roadshow" events during the year which means that members can get together on a social basis. These events usually feature "Prisoner" video material, quizzes and competitions with some fab prizes."

No Roadshow events have taken place since 1986 at the latest. Another example of Six of One obtaining memberships under false-pretences. Click HERE for more examples of this.

In December 2004, he decided to review the De Agostini DVD and Magazine Partwork (more details at The Unmutual Website). However, rather than simply offer an honest critique he decided to totally mislead his readers by printing a number of untruths. Click HERE for more on this.

In response to the obvious impact that this website is having, Larry Hall, in late 2003, added the following statement to his website (tellingly, he doesn't disprove anything that this site has announced):

"What sort of people have so little in their lives that they need to behave like this is a mystery to me, but they do have a website dedicated to a small piece of yellow paper which Six Of One issued nearly two years ago. Draw your own conclusions."
Larry Hall, Nov 2003

In view of the fact that in February 2004 Larry Hall attempted to have our website shut down, perhaps he should rephrase his statement as follows:

"What sort of people have so little in their lives that they need to try to close down a website dedicated to a small piece of yellow paper which Six Of One issued nearly two years ago is a mystery to me. Draw your own conclusions."

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