Six of One refuse to publish their bank balance and accounts.

Can you think of any Society, or fan-club, that does not allow any of its members to see any aspect of the accounts or bank balance? Or a Society where people who enquire about the finances are refused membership? Or a Society in which the membership has absolutely no say in the way in which the Society is run?

On their own websites, Six of One have publicly announced:

"As the society operates on no other formal basis, it has no annual general meeting or formal accounts and should be regarded as carried on upon a basis of trust and for the mutual benefit of members and the society's co-ordination."........""Subscriptions paid online or by post are sent to Box 66 and used mainly for the production and posting of mailings, which are usually sent out quarterly."

Therefore, members are not allowed to know what their money is being spent on, despite the thousands of pounds worth of income which comes in, including via sales on eBay pages and elsewhere.

As recently as February 2023, even some members of the coordination team were disgusted by the lack of transparency regarding the society's bank balance and accounts, with two members of the coordinating team - including the magazine editor - resigning over the issue (more on this HERE), releasing a statement questioning the accounts:

Whilst in 2023 this is disturbing - especially that it appears that members are being paid from society funds - this is not a new outrage as for the previous 20 years the society funds have been kept a secret, only known by a few select individuals. One wonders what the money is being spent on for it to be such a secret.

As early as 2001, then long-standing member Lew Stringer wrote to Six of One to enquire about the bank balance. He, like many others, had become concerned about the handling of the Society's finances and had found that simply asking politely at Society events was not getting anyone anywhere. He received the following reply:

Lew Stringer kindly wrote to us to tell us more:

"In my dealings with the current Six of One team I found them to be evasive and, quite frankly, an insult to my intelligence. When
I expressed my unease about what I'd heard regarding Six of One's financial condition to Dave Barrie, the society founder, he asked me to go through the proper channels and write to Bill Faupel, who had returned to the Six of One team to deal with such queries. After six weeks, I received a reply which totally avoided the question, saying that divulging the bank balance would only be "a snapshot in time" as the bank balance changed "from week to week". Maybe I'll try using that excuse next time the Inland Revenue wants my tax returns. ;-)"

The Six of One coordination team also lie to members regarding any financial problems within the Society. Click HERE to read more details.

It is understood that membership for one year is £27.10 (with renewal date amusingly set on April Fools Day), based on the running costs of similar magazines that each magazine costs approximately £2.50 to produce. Plus postage of around £1.16 per mailing (if franked). This adds up to a total of around £15 per year. What happens to your other £12.10 no-one knows, as Six of One refuse to divulge their accounts and bank balance. Perhaps it is due to the economies of scale (IE it costs more to produce because the print-run is smaller). If this is the case, it is yet another example of the Society's dwindling membership - as is forcing members to pay for an additional year's membership on top of their current subscription or be barred from events - click HERE for more on this.

The Langley's handling of Society finances have always been questionable. Due to their arrogance, however, no-one else, even other coordinators, are permitted any responsibility into this, as confirmed by the following letter from another coordinator to the rest of the team as early as 1996!

Not only this, but the Langleys often seem to be spending Society members' money on totally frivolous expenses, without the consent or knowledge of other coordinators, as noted by another excerpt from the above mentioned letter:

Another letter from this period also shows the Langley's total ineptitude at handling members' money. Here are 2 excerpts:

In addition to all of the above, in recent years Karen Langley has been purchasing items from ebay, and then selling them on at a profit to members via advertising/sales flyers accompanying the magazine, and online via a supposed Society ebay account. If this is merely private enterprise, then she is totally entitled to do so. However, who is paying for the printing of these flyers? Why are back issues, owned by the Society, also included on these flyers, with any monies sent for these to be paid to the Langley's private "Escape" bank account? Why is the ebay account advertised as a Society account when their remit does not allow them to trade to non-members of the Society? Why are copyright-protected items sold to members of the public via the society's own official website, such as these copyright-theft-produced photo prints?

In addition to the above-mentioned flyers, another was sent out to members outlining sales of original Prisoner costumes at Bonham's auction house in London. Perhaps this could be viewed as Prisoner news which members would want to know about, and thus justifying the expense of an additional flyer. Perhaps, until one realises that the seller of these items is a Mr Roger Langley of Ipswich.

Roger Langley in 2012 -2023 has produced some self-published books, in which photos belonging to other people are used without permission, for sale on the Society's ebay page (more details HERE). Where does the money go raised by the sale of these items?

It is almost unbelievable that a Society dedicated to the TV series "The Prisoner" should behave in such a fashion. But behave in this way they do - as their own website confirms!

As of 2023 the situation is still that as outlined above.

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