Paid-up members forced out of additional money.

As well as the fee required in joining the corrupt Society, there appear to also be a number of hidden charges. So not only one must sacrifice one's principles when joining Six of One, there is also a financial cost.

For many years (in fact, up until the current immoral regime took charge of Six of One) conventions and events held by Six of One were free of charge. Most fan-clubs or Societies make a charge for their Conventions, so it was not too surprising that Six of One started doing the same.

On top of their £28.20 membership fee , members who wanted to attend the indoor events of the Convention are asked to pay an additional £25+ charge in able to attend. Although members were not told what this money would go towards, it seemed a reasonable price to pay for an event which, in the 1980s and 1990s, had been packed with star guests and events.

Up until that point , the Convention had been paid for out of Society funds and raffle donations. One would therefore expect that if the Convention was to be paid for separately, that the membership fees would decrease (as they were no longer subsidising the event). Not the case with Six of One, though. Membership fees actually increased after the current regime took charge!

In 2020 during the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdowns, countless events over the UK were postponed or cancelled, with ticket holders in almost all known cases told they could either defer their ticket to a re-arranged date, or have a full refund. In Six of One's case, not only did they refuse to adhere to medical and government advice and insist that their event still go ahead (waiting for Portmeirion to close before announcing the event cancellation) but posted on their facebook page that members who had purchased tickets would only be receiving a part-refund, to cover any costs already paid out by the society.

Please also note the society are still lying about their official status (click HERE for more on this).

Not that members were missing much, the convention being a pale version of its former self, with only around 20% attendance compared to 1990s conventions. Even Al Beale, who organised conventions from 2001-2021, stated on a recent online video on YouTube that the 1990 convention was "the best weekend ever".

The society's convention has been dripped with controversy since the current regime took charge... m any of the members who paid this charge at one Convention in recent years to attend the Convention were stunned, however, when they were told (after they had paid and registered) that the only way they could attend was to pay for a further year's membership, even though they were fully paid-up members for another month after the Convention took place. Thus, people who possibly did not wish to renew, but had been fully paid-up members for many years and wanted to attend the Convention, were told they would not be able to unless they adhered to this condition. The renewal date for membership, regardless of when a member joins, is April Fools day - one week or so before the Convention takes place. Thus, if a member joins in February, they have to renew again 6 weeks later to have the right to then pay a further fee to attend the Convention.

Should a Society happy to force members into rejoining be allowed to get away with it? No, but get away with it they did.

Each Convention attendee back in 2003 was also informed that paying the £25 fee would mean that they would receive an exclusive Convention pack/report/brochure (similar to the one pictured left, from 1997). It later transpires that this item was sent to many members, and not just those who had paid for its production.

So what does this £25 go toward? As the Society refuse to divulge any aspect of their accounts or the bank balance, no-one will ever know.

The current coordination team have a history of practices related to their events which can only be described as bizarre.

Six of One held "Convention 2K4" in 2004 (a rather grand title considering the event venue only holds a maximum of 30-40 people according to the venue's management) and payment details were advertised on a "members only" web page. This page included a rather strange passage:

"PLEASE NOTE: These events are SIX OF ONE MEMBERS ONLY. If you are a non-member and wish to attend either or both, please CLICK HERE and join first. You can then return to this page and register when your membership is confirmed. Non-members who register will receive an automatic refund, less a PayPal cancellation fee (their rules, not ours)."

The Paypal website, however, confirmed that this is simply not true. It would appear that Six of One have invented a cancellation charge for profiteering purposes:

"Tracking Payments - Refunds
Q If I send a refund, will the fees I'm charged be credited back to me?
A Yes. If you send a full refund using the refund link within 30 days of receiving the payment, PayPal will refund the fees charged for the transaction. If you send a partial refund, the percentage of fees refunded will match the percentage of the original transaction refunded."

The arrangements for this event were just as staggering. Attendees were instructed not to park their cars at the venue but to park all day and evening in a pay and display car park some distance from the venue itself. Whilst a mini bus was provided for one journey, a return journey was not offered and attendees had to phone for taxis to return to their cars. Attendees were not told that this would be the case until they had paid the £10 attendance fee.

In 2020, members are still required to pay for membership plus a Convention charge for which no accounts are published.

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This page updated September 2022.