2023 Six of One Magazine Editor and Coordinator quit over society financial issues

As the rest of this website has shown for over 20 years, Six of One are not an organisation to be trusted, for many reasons, including secrecy over the society's finances (more on this HERE).

The issues of secrecy around bank balance, rumours of members being paid from society funds, and other financial irregularities have come to the fore again in February 2023, showing that nothing has changed in 20 years, when society magazine editor Dave Coffey, and fellow coordinator Nadine Coffey, resigned from the team. A public statement published on a Facebook Group called 'The Prisoner & Portmeirion' in February 2023 reveals all, and is reproduced in full here:

This statement again raises many questions for the coordination team of Six of One, which of course they are refusing to answer, and have refused to answer for over 20 years, these questions being:

1) What is the society bank balance?
2) What are members funds spent on each year?
3) Why does it appear that certain organising members are personally profiting from the society, despite its apparent 'non-profit' status?

As Dave and Nadine Coffey rightly point out, why would anyone want to send money to such an organisation without questioning what happens to their hard-earned money?

This February 2023 statement shows that Six of One have learned nothing in 20 years and simply do not care about individual members, with coordinators seemingly using the society as their own personal plaything and cash machine.

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This page updated Feb 2023.