Six of One discriminate against family members.

This website has shown many reasons as to why any right-minded Prisoner fan should stay away from Six of One, and how the Society are not deserving of their "status" as "defenders" of the themes of The Prisoner. October 17th 2004 marked yet another black day for Prisoner "appreciation" when it was learned that, despite the following extract from the Society's terms and conditions, Prisoner fans are discriminated against by the coordination team:

"The society operates a non-discriminatory policy in all ways............".

In 2002, Six of One member David Mackenzie was ejected from the Society membership by the coordination team for nothing more than giving an honest and negative critique of the Society, something he should be, as a paying member, totally entitled to do (click HERE to read what happened).

In March 2004, David's brother Ross was keen to join the Society. He first paid by their online Paypal facility. This was refunded, without explanation. He then sent a cheque, which has not been cashed. On April 30th 2004 David told us:

"My brother attempted to join Six of One ......We live at the same address. He paid via PayPal and 6o1 took his payment. However a few days later he was refunded. He then tried to join by cheque but it has never been cashed."

Perhaps this was simply an error in processing the payment, and not the outright discrimination it appeared to be? On September 3rd 2004, a letter was then sent to Six of One by Mr Mackenzie to ascertain why he had been denied membership. No reply to this letter has been received.

It is quite clear to any free-thinking individual that the Six of One coordination team have refused membership, without providing any reason or explanation, simply because Mr Mackenzie happens to be related to an ex-member.

Yet another example of the coordination team's disregard for basic morals or appreciation of people's rights and desire to appreciate The Prisoner TV series.

This is not the only time that Six of One openly discriminate - US and Canadian members are offered special bonus items upon joining, whilst the rest of the World are not!

As of 2016 the coordinators behind the above acts are still in charge of the Society.

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