Six of One members ordered to be "Silent or supportive".

In 2003, long-standing member Helen W was amazed at the treatment she received from the Society. She was told who could and could not attend her informal Prisoner pub meetings, received a threatening phone call from a Six of One coordinator and received letters from coordinator Karen Langley which included a statement which we find utterly astounding. The comments from Mrs Langley were in response to Helen posting some information on the internet regarding the forthcoming Convention.

"You are not being required to take part and it seems little to ask that you be either silent or supportive" Karen Langley January 2003

In 2006, in an interview, Roger Langley repeated his wife's mantra:

'If they want to be supportive, if they want to enjoy the society, we've got no objection to that at all........All societies have to have rules. Six of One is an open society for everyone, except those who want to cause disruption. You can only have so much disruption."

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