Six of One members must agree to Society "terms and conditions".

One of the most amazing things about Six of One in recent times is the introduction of a "mission statement", which is sent to all members upon joining the Society (it can also be found on the Society website). That is of course if you are allowed to join, as of February 2015 the following appears on the main society website:

"Applications are subject to acceptance."

The main statement also includes the following sentence:

"A subscription to the society signifies acceptance of the details in this notice and the society's terms and conditions."

So, a set of rules which members must adhere to. Totally opposed to the themes of The Prisoner. Let's have a look at some of these terms and conditions:

"Members are asked to respond in a similar manner and the society reserves the right to cancel membership (with appropriate refund) in any serious case where after due consideration it does not appear appropriate to continue the membership".

In other words, "it is up to a select few hand-picked individuals who stays and who goes".

"Any production of items or activity which includes the use of images or material from The Prisoner or other copyright matter must be covered by written permission obtained in advance. The society has an address at Box 66, Ipswich".

ITV Studios own The Prisoner (formerly Granada Ventures (formerly Carlton International)) and it is to them people need to ask for permission as they hold the copyright, NOT Six of One.

"Members should not assume that any official-looking material on the Internet or from other non-Six of One sources is official. Any declaration that an item or activity has been produced or arranged with the endorsement of Six of One should not be relied upon unless society subscription material has made this clear. Any description of products, activities or websites given within the mailings is to be regarded as being for the information of members only and it should not be inferred that Six of One endorses these things...... "

This appears to be yet another attempt to "rubbish" independent events and websites. Once again, it is ITV who endorse Prisoner-related projects (such as the Network DVD set or PM2008 and similar events) and NOT Six of One who have no remit to authorise anything. Why should members have had to contact Six of One before purchasing the official Deagostini magazine, for example? There is also no known independent event which claimed to be endorsed by the Society (bearing in mind their activities, who would want to be associated with them anyway?) There are further similar astounding passages which follow:

"These [Six of One websites] are clearly interlinked on each website and are the only ones which can be classed as "official"."

"If members are in doubt about the validity of any statement or activity they should please check with Box 66 before taking any steps or paying money."

Again they seem to be inferring that Six of One somehow have a monopoly on Prisoner Appreciation. How can they claim that BBC4 or Deagostini's Prisoner websites are not officially recognised or those of officially sanctioned events such as PM2007? There have been several instances of Six of One attempting to sabotage fully sanctioned and official events and websites which are completely independent of the Society (click HERE for more on this), and in October 2005 even resorted to making attacks on a charity event raising money for terminally-ill children (more on this HERE)! As of 2014 no apology has been received for that vile attack.

"Six of One is analogous to a 'fan club' and does not operate on a commercial basis."

Interesting then that they sell Society magazines through their website to members of the public, as they confirm here:

"......produces no merchandise for sale outside the membership except for the clearance of surplus back catalogue material."

"In short, the society exists to preserve interest in The Prisoner and to provide information about the series, along with a forum for the free exchange of constructive views and criticism."

As is shown HERE, if you dare to criticise the Society in any way you are thrown out.

"The society operates a non-discriminatory policy in all ways............".

It is the case that a potential member was denied joining by the coordination team simply because he is related to an ex-member. Click HERE to read more about this. Also, US and Canadian members are offered special bonus items upon joining, and the rest of the World are not.

Paragraphs were added to these details regarding websites and so forth, perhaps in response to the impact that this very website is having. These paragraphs contain statements which are both laughable and sinister.

"If members are solicited by non-Six of One sources, please report this to Box 66 or by email."

As the Society offer no examples of what they mean by this, it must be taken as a blanket statement. Thus any letter or email that an individual may receive from anyone other than Six of One, on any matter, must be reported to them. Why this is, they do not say.

"Although there have only been a few such cases, it is the practice of some websites, independently run by single individuals, purporting to give information about Six of One. The society has noticed much inaccuracy and negative content from limited sources outside the society."

It can only be assumed that this is an indirect reference to this website. It is again worth pointing out that this entire website is fully authenticated and backed up by proof. At no point has any correspondence been received from any individual or group proving (or even pointing out) that any statement on this website is false.

"Members are reminded that where some individuals post messages to bulletin boards, message boards, newsgroups, chat rooms or by email etc, use of the Internet sometimes involves anonymity, a pen-name or a false name."

The only Prisoner fans who seem to comment on Six of One anonymously are the abusive supporters (and coordinators) of the Society.

"For the avoidance of doubt, Six of One's coordinating team's policy is never to post any response to............criticism outside the society. In cases beyond the society, where Six of One has no control, a non-response can be the only appropriate policy."

Put simply, they do not comment because they cannot defend their indefensible actions.

"No similar negative or critical comments have been made by members within Six of One during the entire time the non-society websites, referred to here, have been in operation."

This is a lie, pure and simple. This website was created in November 2003 and several current (at the point of them writing) members have, since that time, emailed this website to share their thoughts on the Society. Mathew Lock for one (see below) has confirmed that during his membership he complained by letter, email, and face-to-face to Roger Langley. Click HERE to read what other ex-members have to say. Indeed, David Mackenzie was kicked out of the Society for making negative comments on the internet.

"Members are therefore reminded to use their discretion and where in doubt, to check with the society's co-ordinating team."

Which is what one member, Mathew Lock, chose to do after seeing this website. Click HERE to see what happened.

Considering the Society coordination team's recent antics (such as the secret taping incident), there are some statements which are nothing short of sickening:

"We try to operate outside 'the Village'", "Your privacy is important to us".

For a Society for "The Prisoner" to be behaving in this way is almost beyond belief. It seems as though "The Village" in the Series has somehow provided a model for their behaviour. One last snippet from the Society statement:

"Six of One is and has always been created for the sole purpose of appreciating the TV series, The Prisoner."

The way they behave, you wouldn't think they'd even seen the show, would you? What would Number Six would have made of it all?

In 2015 the above is still the case and members of the coordination team of the Society holds firm the above strange ideals.

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