The Disgraced Six of One need your questions.

The immoral coordination team of Six of One are yet to contact this website or publicly attempt to disprove any of the facts relayed to you via this website (as they, of course, cannot defend the indefensible). They attempted to have this very website shut down (click HERE to read more on this). This came shortly after their website seemed to be acknowledging this website's existence:

"However, as with many thriving societies, we receive reports of non-society websites which provide incorrect content. If you have any questions or concerns about the society and the way it is run, please feel free to ignore bogus sites and to contact Six of One for accurate information."

It is worth pointing out once again like to reiterate that all of the information provided by this website is indisputable fact. This website has, at every opportunity, provided documents (printed by the Society themselves in most cases), photographs and eyewitness accounts to prove the remarks. Once again note that Six of One have not denied any story (as they can't deny the truth). Who are they calling bogus, anyway?

However, it is an excellent idea to ask people to send them questions regarding the Society. Current, ex and potential Six of One members should copy and paste the questions below into an email and send it to the Society:

Anyone who gets a reply should forward it to this website HERE!

1. What is the Society bank-balance?

2. Why did the current coordination team sign a propaganda document boasting about covert surveillance?

3. Why have the coordination team never apologised for the secret taping, or the countless lies in the yellow document?

4. Why do Society websites claim that members will receive all the information about all new merchandise, when in reality they ignore official items (such as the DeAgostini magazine, the "On the Trail of The Prisoner" Book and CD, Rupert Booth biography, Leslie Glen's official quiz book, the Official Calendar, official events held at Elstree Studios)?

5. Why did the Langleys claim to members that the finances were fine, when privately they emailed fellow coordinators to say that the Society will "nosedive"?

6. Why does Six of One claim to be official when they are not?

7. Why have membership fees increased yet output has decreased in both size and quality, events have been cancelled?

8. Why are members ordered to be "silent or supportive" before having their continued membership refused?

9. Why did the coordination team not offer a right-of-reply to those they so disgustingly bad-mouthed in their yellow document?

10. Why are no negative letters, giving a more balanced publication, included in the Society magazine?

11. Why do Six of One claim that their websites are the only official ones? This simply isn't true.

12. Why are true facts relayed on the internet, with proof included, dismissed as "bogus sites" and "lies on the internet" by the Society coordination team?

13. If there is no "head" of Society, why can't coordinators be elected or dismissed by the membership?

14. Do the coordinators feel that covert surveillance, propaganda leaflets, threatening phone-calls, secret accounts and immoral behaviour are in-keeping with the themes of "The Prisoner"?

15. Why was a long-standing member and her partner accused of theft without proof?

16. Why have so many individuals who helped run the Society been removed from the Society history?

17. Why are posts to the society Facebook page deleted, thus hiding from their membership details of official merchandise?

18. Why do the Society claim to own no property when guests such as Vincent Tilsley have donated memorabilia to the Society?

19. Why are you selling items for profit, when you have a non-profit making remit?

20. Why did you sell a DVD of an event, for profit, without seeking permission from the person who filmed it, the person who owns the footage, the celebrity guests featured in it, or the members that paid to attend the event?

21. Why did you attempt to have this website shut down?

22. Why are you suppressing Prisoner news and misleading Prisoner fans by claiming you are the only source of information?

23. Why did one coordinator pretend to be an ordinary member to deliberately decieve a long-running Prisoner forum?

24. Why did Six of One feel the need to print an attack on an event raising money for terminally-ill children?

25. Why in 2023 did Dave and Nadine Coffey resign from the society stating that members were being paid out of society funds?

We hope that the Society answer these questions. Email their replies to us HERE

UPDATE: Click HERE to read what coordinator Bruce Clark said about this website in an email to a Society member.

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This page updated Feb 2023