Roger Langley attacks non-members in 2006 rant.

In January 2006, Six of One members received the following article as part of Free For All magazine issue 17 (page 3, Columns 1&2). The statement is one of typical Langley arrogance, and seems to be an attack on anyone who wishes to leave or oppose Six of One. The statement is included here in full, and comments have since been added to it in bold.

"For many years the society existed without problems, having no constitution, rules or written regulations. "

Untrue - there were many problems caused by the above.

Things changed in 2000 - and during the subsequent year or two - when some former society members...."

Notice that he doesn't mention" former co-ordinators", because this would have a far bigger impact on the membership.

"..... began a very negative and vitriolic campaign against Six of One's co-ordination."

Langley regards "negative" as an absolute. In reality one man's "negative" is another's "positive". At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law, Hitler probably regarded the loss of World War 2 as very "negative"! Notice also how he totally ignores what triggered this off.

"As everybody is free to do as the wish, outside the society, it was decided......"

Notice that "it was decided" - no decision maker is named, giving the impression that it was a "team" decision when in reality it came from Langley. Notice also the patronising "everybody is free to do as they wish" as if Langley had the power to stop them, but in his magnanimity allows them to carry on.

".....simply to consolidate the society's terms of operation and to print them for members, ignoring non-members. The main effect was to state that within the society, a certain level of responsibility and manner of acting was appropriate and that no derogatory, abusive, or offensive methods of opposition would be permitted."

Thus making him immune from criticism. Very Orwellian.

"Instead a members' liaison service was set up and it was soon seen that only a handful of members wished to make any representation or complaint."

Click HERE to read about one member's attempt to utilise this farce of a "service".

"For over three years, the society has run smoothly, with some excellent events, many new members joining and new guests being invited to conventions."

"Smoothly" means that Langley has been able to do whatever he wants without criticism. He ignores the previous two years in which there were no conventions, events, or work-ins.

"Outside the society, the remaining few embittered former members continue to launch their attacks against every move which the society makes."

Rather successfully it appears. Something has rattled him enough to produce this rant. Interesting that he calls thousands of ex-members as "few" and "embittered", whereas in reality they are "many" and "principled".

"Thus, this stable and rather pointless position carries on;...."

Once again "pointless" is used as an absolute - "pointless" from whose point of view?

"....the society is protected by it's published details and non-members may speak as they wish, often anonymously, for whatever purpose."

Interesting that the only people who use anonymous aliases are Six of One coordinators! Click HERE for more on this.

"Six of One is, in effect, a meritocracy. The term relates to any system based on organisation by ability, "merit" meaning intelligence plus effort. Thus, a meritocracy involves equality of chance and gives a high value to success, generated by individual freedom."

So, Six of One is is an organisation based on "intelligence plus effort"? Unbelievable.

"Conversely, a kakistocracy means a set-up being run by the least qualified or most unprincipled persons, controlled by the most unreliable elements in society. The term can also be related to those who are simply critical of an established society, rather than offering any scholarly analysis or an academic approach. Apparently, a kakistocracy refers to a rule by incompetents rather than outright evil people, as is the case with a kleptocracy, but the two are not mutually exclusive."

Note that Langley does not refer to anyone specific here, but seems to be implying that non-Six of One matters are organised by "least qualified", "unprincipled", "incompetent", and "unreliable" people. As this would include organisations such as the BBC, Network DVD, The British Film Institute, and other organisations who run official Prisoner matters away from Six of One.

"An individualist is someone who is totally self-interested. An altruist is completely interested in the well being of others. Of course there is a spectrum between these two positions and the debate between equality and merit is one of the oldest in existence. When merit is rewarded, competition increases and the fittest survive. This has proved to be the case with Six of One and as we approach our 30th birthday, the society goes from strength to strength."

Finally we get to the point. Langley is actually talking to non-Six of One event and website organisers. He's sticking two fingers up to them and telling them that they haven't destroyed Six of One and he's not bothered by their actions. Ironically, by telling us this in a magazine supposedly for their "1000 members" (while simultaneously baffling and alienating said readership) he proves that he is bothered. He's worried enough about independent activities that he devotes two columns of a magazine (that most don't even officially receive) to "vent his anger". Nice to know that independent efforts are having an effect!

In 2015 Roger Langley, who had to make an out of court settlement regarding his widely-criticised biography after he stole someone's copyright, remains involved in the running of the Society and his views have not changed.

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