Roger Langley re-writes the Society history (Part 2).

So, two of the hardest-working Six of One coordinators ever have already been erased from history by Langley. Are there others?

Howard Foy was a hard-working coordinator of Six of One for over 10 years. For many of those years he was editor of highly-regarded Society magazine "Number Six", which remains to this day the longest-running publication in the Society's history. He, along with Roger Goodman, is one of only 2 UK Prisoner fans to have officially met and interviewed Patrick McGoohan. He also ran Six of One's mail-order and back-issues departments for many years. Instead of recognising these fantastic achievements, Six of One have decided to describe him simply as "ex-coordinator" in a recent magazine, and as "Howard Foy, for years a non-member" in the yellow document.

Ex-member Lew Stringer has been a professional cartoonist for over 30 years (including work for Viz, Buster and Fun-Size Beano). On many occasions, he has included humourous Prisoner references in some of his professional work, and has contributed many strips to Prisoner fanzines. Despite the fact that he has referenced The Prisoner in more pieces of work than any other comic artist, provided comic strips to Six of One free of charge, and was even interviewed in the final issue of the Society magazine "In The Village", the current coordination team completely omitted him from articles in "Free For All" concerning Prisoner references in comics. Lew told us:

"It's no skin off my nose if they want to be so small-minded, but if they're going to write a definitive article, it's cheating their readers to purposely omit relevant people purely because we've criticised their lousy behaviour".

A recent article in the Society magazine detailed Prisoner websites. It is interesting to note that despite The Unmutual Website receiving over 7000 hits per week and over 5000 e-subscribers, and websites such as PrizBiz still proving very popular with Prisoner fans worldwide, the article decided not to mention them. They even neglected to mention their own "Sister Site". Could it be because these websites stick up for the ideals and themes of the series rather than pander to the immoral coordination team?

As co-founder Roger Goodman confirms in his statement elsewhere on this site, the Society was officially founded in 1977. However, Six of One are claiming on one of their websites that they have been holding Conventions since 1974.

Six of One also chooses to ignore merchandise created by ex-members of Six of One.

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