Roger Langley re-writes the Society history (Part 1).

If you have read this far, you will note that many active members of Six of One have quit during the last few years, due to the actions of the current coordination team. The people who have left were the reason the Society became so successful. Most of the best events, merchandise, and articles produced by the Society over the years were produced by these individuals.

As the Society's previous good name was born out of the efforts of these people, you would think that the current coordination team would be grateful for their hard work. Not so. Six of One, lead by Roger Langley, has decided that the best thing to do would be to erase these people from the Society history.

Take Dave and Julie Jones, for example. Coordinators for 13 years (responsible for distribution), they arranged the much-missed Coliseum screenings and guest interviews on the Saturday night at the annual Convention, and also co-organised the 25th and 30th Anniversary celebrations in London. Dave (pictured left, interviewing Prisoner librarian Tony Sloman at Prisoner day 2003) has interviewed more Prisoner guests on stage than any other individual, as well as hosting the Convention itself for many years. Six of One's idea of recognising this huge amount of work was to completely omit Dave and Julie from the "History of Six of One" article in the first issue of "Free For All" (yet Roger Langley manages to mention himself a staggering 29 times).

The above mentioned Anniversary events are the largest Prisoner events ever held. More cast and crew from the series attended these events than any other Prisoner event in history. How did Roger Langley commemorate these events in his 9 page Society history article? Just a passing mention of 23 words. Might this pathetic excuse for a write-up have something to with Langley's own personal lack of involvement with the larger 1993 event?

Roger Langley's reason for this behaviour? Perhaps because Dave and Julie resigned from the Society because they were unhappy about Roger Langley's involvement in Six of One. Rather than accept this, the Society have to re-write the Society's history to exclude those people who made it so great in the first place.

It is interesting to note that Six of One released a DVD of the above mentioned events, despite not contacting the owner of the footage, or the celebrities featured within it, for permission! They have also edited it so as not to include any footage of Dave Jones, even though he organised the event and conducted all of the interviews! Click HERE to find out more about this.

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