Six of One treat 2014 convention guest 'beyond low'.

As well as the countless examples throughout this website of members of Six of One treated appallingly, ex members treated with disgust, it has come to light in 2014 and 2015 via Facebook that even special guests and original crew members of the series are treated dreadfully by the Society.

In 2014 a guest of the Society's poorly attended convention posted on a "Prisoner" group on facebook to say the following (which was subsequently and mysteriously deleted by the moderator of the group). His identity has been disguised to protect his innocence:

He then went into more depth as to how shoddily he was treated:

This criticism was almost immediately deleted, which led to a replacement thread being started. The guest's anger was fully justified:

In 2015, "Red Reflections" a 1966 TV documentary produced by "Prisoner" music editor Eric Mival, with the involvement of Patrick McGoohan, was released on DVD.

When the production company behind the DVD posted news of this on Six of One's facebook page, it was TWICE deleted, without explanation (many such examples of deliberately hiding official merchandise from members can be found HERE). Disgraceful that even original crew members of "The Prisoner" are treated terribly by Six of One.

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This page updated: 12/2/2015