Six of One cancel long-standing events.

In the mid 1990s, members of Six of One could expect a variety of events to be organised regarding "The Prisoner", as well as a plethora of information and merchandise.

Each year, a member in the 1990s could expect the following events:

However, these events, once the lifeblood of the Society, have been cancelled by the current immoral coordination team. The previously FREE annual summer Convention now appears on a cold weekend in the spring (for a fee of £25+ in addition to £25 membership fees, with ONE guest only - often somneone who did not even work on the series). Work-ins have been completely cancelled due to "decreased membership levels"1. In 2000 there were 132 local groups advertised in the Society magazine. However, this figure is now ZERO because so many of the active and non-active members had quit. Six of One in recent years have also advertised no location tours (as less than 10 people attended their previous one), only one regional event (a meet up in a pub), no brain bash events, and no other events of any kind.

As membership is almost at its lowest level since the Society's inception, turnout for any events are so low it causes much embarrassment to the already red-faced coordinators. Society Conventions in the 1990s boasted 400 or so attendees - in recent years it has been nearer 50.

Their spite hit one of several peaks in October 2005, despite the claims made on their websites as to what a member can expect from the Society (more on this HERE), with a cowardly and despicable attack on a charity fundraising event in which they admit they cannot hold regular events (despite their supposed "1000 members" and therefore supposed annual income of well in excess of £20000):

"As far as Six of One is concerned, we are pleased that there should occasionally be more in the way of Prisoner-based events, as we do not have the resources to arrange gatherings on a more frequent basis."

Is there any point in belonging to this so-called "Appreciation" Society? Outside of the Society, countless events and merchandise are being made available to Prisoner fans each year.

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This page updated Feb 2023.