What happened to the last issue of "In The Village"?

Once Dave Healey resigned from the Society, the magazines were delivered to another coordinator's home. Rather than send the magazines to the members that had paid for them, however, Six of One decided to withhold them from the membership.

When quizzed about why the subscribers had not received this issue of their magazine, members of the coordination team claimed it was too late because the "Work-In" hadn't been organised. However, they still managed to find the time to write, design, print, and post over 800 copies of the yellow document, containing content purely designed to show Dave Healey in a bad light.

Subscribers who had paid for this magazine in their subscription never received it. It was replaced by Issue 1 of "Free For All" (the "new" magazine of the new coordination team). Members (who had already paid for it) were offered the last issue of "In The Village" as a back-issue for an additional £3. This issue of "In The Village" is still available as a back issue to both members AND non-members. Dave Healey told us:

"I had no problem with society members benefiting from my work - it was for them I gave my time - but to sell it commercially is quite frankly not on. Bruce Clark (although his e-mail address was the contact point on the site selling these) refused to deal with my request that the "In The Village" magazines I produced not be sold on a commercial basis to non members. Knowing the cost of production they would have been making a substantial profit on these which does not seem to match their non-profit making remit. After magazine cost, postage and packing the only other 'cost' was my time which I gave free to the society - NOT to non members. I used to be proud to be associated with the club, now it means nothing - and after the amount of hours I devoted to the magazine that takes a lot to say."

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