Six of One - The Mysterious Archive.

One would expect that an "appreciation Society" for a TV series would, from time-to-time, obtain props or items relating to the series. Six of One, in their Society "terms and conditions" state the following:

However, the following appeared in their magazine;

On one of their websites, in a report concerning a Society event, they also state the following:

"Vincent (Tilsley)........was kind enough to donate some memorabilia to the society, including a signed memo from George Markstein and some rare Patrick McGoohan production stills."

So the society have admitted that they now definitely have an archive of material, so why do they state in their "rules" that they don't? Where is this archive kept? Where is it stored? Who looks after it? Can members see it? No-one knows, even in 2023.

Both the Tony Hancock Society and the Dad's Army group, for example, offer "open-access" to their archives, where members can access rare video and audio material free of charge (although obviously there is postage involved) on a loan basis. There has never been a similar situation within Six of One. The Society has never itemised their "archive", nor made it available to the membership. There is no problem, of course, with a Society having an archive, but being that it has been paid for by the members it is worrying that the coordination team are denying that such an archive exists or not allowing members any access to it.

The following are excerpts from Six of One magazines which, again, show that such an archive exists, despite the denial in the Society's terms and conditions.

Bruce Clark, the US coordinator of Six of One, even demanded samples of official Patrick McGoohan Autographs for this "nonexistent" archive. Mr Larry Green, friend of Patrick's for many years right up until his death, wrote to us to tell us more:

"Some months ago I contacted Bruce Clark.....about offering actual McGoohan autographed photos to Six Of One members at a discount. Bruce wanted me to send "samples" of everything for their "archives" and charge me a fee to advertise in the publication. I, naturally, passed....... Mr. McGoohan receives a percentage of sales of his signed photos and we have a long term, world exclusive, contract with him. His fans that joined Six of One would be rather disappointed if they knew the greed at the top and what it was costing them."

Here is an excerpt from Clark's communication to Larry:

"I did mention a "condition" to promoting you - headquarters would like you to send me two examples of these autographed pictures for our archives."

Larry's official and exclusive Patrick McGoohan autographed items can be viewed and purchased HERE. A telling quote is from former Carlton employee Jaz Wiseman, which is still relevent in 2015 as the mysterious archive is still hidden from members;

"...that depends on whether some people are going to be forthcoming and offer fellow fans the chance to see it or be totally elitist and keep it to themselves. Unfortunately, and I don't like saying it, but there do seem to be some individuals who are like this, and I find that very disturbing." Jaz Wiseman "Rehabilitating the Prisoner" ITV no.30.

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